Duel in the Sun


Duel in the Sun

Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus in the Battle of Turnberry

Michael Corcoran

215 pages


March 2005


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About the Book

The British Open, or the Open Championship as it's known outside the United States, is believed to be the most challenging tournament in professional golf. There was no greater Open than in 1977 at Turnberry on Scotland's southwest coast, when Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus battled over the last thirty-six holes with Watson winning with a closing birdie. Drawing on interviews with participants, caddies, journalists, and spectators, Michael Corcoran brings the drama of this historic Open Championship to vivid life. Along with a revealing retelling of the '77 Open, Corcoran delivers an evocative historical overview of the Open and the tradition it represents.

Author Bio

Michael Corcoran is the executive editor of Golf Magazine. He is author of several books, including How to Break 90: An Easy Approach for Breaking Golf's Toughest Scoring Barrier and The Golf Dictionary: A Guide to the Language and Lingo of the Game.


"Through interviews with competitors, caddies and spectators, Corcoran describes in vivid detail what turns out to be one of the game's most memorable confrontations."—New York Daily News

"A perfect golf time machine. . . . The memories of golfers and caddies that are woven into the retelling make for a great read."—USA Today

"The match makes for good theater on its own, but under Corcoran’s hand it becomes an epic tale borne from golf's historic roots."—Golf World

"By the end of Corcoran's recounting of the golf tournament, one partly understands why such competitions retain such a hold on human imaginations."—Sports Literature Association

"A rare book that delivers more than the title promises . . . Even for those who recall the event in detail, this book will prove entertaining and enlightening."—Library Journal

"Corcoran conveys the essence of the game at a golfer's pace, an unhurried and careful examination of the course, the wind, the lie, the texture of the grass, the landing area, risk and reward, the safe shot, the position of the field, the adrenalin of the moment, the habit or tendency shown in like situations. Everything feeds the story."—William R. Willan, Aethlon

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