The Voice of the Coyote


The Voice of the Coyote

Second Edition

J. Frank Dobie
New Introduction by Robert Crabtree and Jennifer Sheldon

386 pages


July 2006


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About the Book

In The Voice of the Coyote, J. Frank Dobie melds natural history with tales and lore in articulating the complex and often contentious relationship between coyotes and humans. Based on his own life experiences in Texas and twenty-five years of research, Dobie forges a sympathetic and nuanced picture of the coyote prefiguring later environmental and conservation movements. He recognizes the impact of human action on the coyote while also examining the prominent role of the coyote in the myths and legends of the West.

Author Bio

J. Frank Dobie (1888–1964) was born in Texas, where he taught at the University of Texas. Among his many books are The Mustangs (available in a Bison Books edition) and The Longhorns. Robert Crabtree is the founder of the Yellowstone Ecological Research Center. Jennifer Sheldon is a canid biologist and author of Wild Dogs: Natural History of Non-Domestic Canidae.


"These firsthand accounts, together with the author's own memories, give the book a freshness that is one of its charms."—E. W. Teale, New York Herald Tribune

“Deftly blends the natural history of the coyote with the anecdote, tall tales, and legend gathered from the author's wide reading and personal experience in his native region.”—New York Times Book Review

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