While the Patient Slept


While the Patient Slept

Mignon G. Eberhart
Introduced by Jay Fultz

315 pages


April 1995


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About the Book

On a blustery February day Sarah Keate arrives at a gloomy mansion to nurse old Adolph Federie, bedbound after a stroke. Meeting the patient sets off an alarm inside her, but fleeing the house is impossible. The redoubtable red-haired nurse is stuck there with a strange coterie and a black cat named Genevieve. Originally published in 1930, a year after her debut mystery novel The Patient in Room 18, While the Patient Slept strengthened Mignon G. Eberhart's hold on fame.

Author Bio

Mignon G. Eberhart had a long career that brought her the Grand Masters Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America. She died at the age of ninety-seven in 1996. In a career spanning more than a half century she acquired a legion of readers for such well-crafted, atmospheric mysteries as The White Cockatoo, From This Dark Stairway, The Chiffon Scarf, and Woman on the Roof.


"This is Mrs. Eberhart's second mystery story, and it is even better than her first."—New York Times

"It has all the ingredients of a first rate thriller. Federie House, with its sombre ruggedness on an almost deserted road, with its mysterious turrets, its darkened draperies, its heavily carpeted floors, and its sinister occupants, is an almost perfect setting for a mystery story."—Saturday Review of Literature

"This book places detective fiction on a higher level than ever before."—Bookman

"Eerie it is, as eerie can be, and a good yarn to boot."—Outlook

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