The House on the Roof


The House on the Roof

Mignon G. Eberhart
Introduced by Carl D. Brandt

304 pages


September 1996


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About the Book

Deborah, under suspicion, returns alone to the scene where a gaudy diva was murdered—to the house on the rooftop of a Chicago apartment building. “She reached the roof and emerged at the opening of the parapet wall. Flat, black, and dirty. Chimneys, incinerators, ventilators. The house itself, dark and dingy and passive. Nothing moved. . . . No sound except, away below, the murmur of a passing automobile. . . . Quite suddenly she realized that if she had removed the threat of the police she had also removed their protection.” In a few moments she will face sheer dizzying horror.

Author Bio

Mignon G. Eberhart had a long career that brought her the Grand Masters Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America. She died at the age of ninety-seven in 1996. Introducing this Golden Age mystery classic is Carl D. Brandt, whose literary agency represented Eberhart.


"The story is convincingly told, the characters are lifelike, and the police procedure is a pleasant relief from the usual methods attributed to the Chicago force."—[London] Times Literary Supplement

"The House on the Roof is a Class A mystery, which is precisely what we have learned to expect from Mrs. Eberhart.”—New York Times

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