The New Warriors


The New Warriors

Native American Leaders Since 1900

Edited by R. David Edmunds

346 pages


March 2004


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About the Book

An indispensable introduction to the rich variety of Native leadership in the modern era, The New Warriors profiles Native men and women who have played a significant role in the affairs of their communities and of the nation over the course of the twentieth century.
The leaders showcased include the early-twentieth-century writer and activist Zitkala-Ša; American Indian Movement leader Russell Means; political activists Ada Deer and LaDonna Harris; scholar and writer D’Arcy McNickle; orator and Crow Reservation superintendent Robert Yellowtail; U.S. Senators Charles Curtis and Ben Nighthorse Campbell; Episcopal priest Vine V. Deloria Sr.; Howard Tommie, the champion of economic and cultural sovereignty for the Seminole Tribe of Florida; Cherokee chief Wilma Mankiller; Pawnee activist and lawyer Walter Echo-Hawk; Crow educator Janine Pease Pretty-on-Top; and Phillip Martin, a driving force behind the spectacular economic revitalization of the Mississippi Band of Choctaws.

Author Bio

R. David Edmunds is Watson Professor of History at the University of Texas at Dallas. He is the author of several works, including The Shawnee Prophet, and the editor of American Indian Leaders: Studies in Diversity (Nebraska 1980), both available in Bison Books editions.

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