The Life of Kit Carson


The Life of Kit Carson

Alan E. Grey

152 pages
For ages 11--13 years


May 2014


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January 2022


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About the Book

Kit Carson, the quintessential frontiersman, is remembered as a larger-than-life mountain man, explorer, trapper, guide, soldier, Indian agent, officer, hunter, and rancher. In The Life of Kit Carson, Alan E. Grey invites young readers to join Kit as he strikes out on his own at the age of sixteen to find adventure along the beaver streams; ride with him and John Fremont as they explore the untamed West, taking cover as Kit trades gunfire in the Mexican-American War; and witness his encounters with Indians in the Navajo and Southern Plains campaigns. Composed of stories discovered through years of research, this book is an exciting and easy-to-read, action-packed tale. Young readers and adults alike will find both education and entertainment in this masterfully presented life story.



Author Bio

Alan E. Grey has graduate degrees in chemistry and has worked as a chemist for most of his adult life. Since retirement, he has followed his lifelong interest in western history. He is the author of The Life of Chief Joseph (available in a Bison Books edition).

Table of Contents

1.      The Early Years
2.      The Santa Fe Experience
3.      First Trip to California
4.      Trip North With Thomas Fitzpatrick
5.      Second Trip North
6.      Guiding Colonel John C. Fremont
7.      War With Mexico
8.      Post War Activities
9.      Indian Agent
10.    The Civil War and After
11.    Epilogue

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