The Queen of Atlantis


The Queen of Atlantis

Pierre Benoit
Translated by Arthur Chambers
Afterword by Hugo Frey

Bison Frontiers of Imagination Series

310 pages

eBook (EPUB)
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April 2014


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About the Book

In 1903 Lieutenant Olivier Ferrières of the French army welcomes Captain de Saint-Avit as the new commandant of his post in Algeria. Shunned by his fellow officers, the captain has been accused of the brutal murder of his friend Lieutenant Morhange, when the two were lost alone in the desert. To Ferrières’s horror, Saint-Avit soon confesses to the crime, unveiling a shocking tale of lost worlds, lust, murder, and the enslavement of desire in a forgotten desert kingdom—Atlantis!
Antinea, the queen of Atlantis, seeks to destroy and imprison the men in her net through her beauty and cruelty, enshrining their electroplated bodies in a fantastic hall, assigning each doomed lover a number and a plaque in his memory. Caught in this web, Saint-Avit and Morhange attempt to escape until love, passion, and jealousy threaten their friendship and their very lives. For only one man has ever captured the heart of Antinea, and no one escapes the queen of Atlantis.

Author Bio

Pierre Benoit (1886–1962) grew up in Algeria and Tunisia as the son of an officer stationed in North Africa. Queen of Atlantis is the second of his forty-two novels. Hugo Frey is a senior lecturer in contemporary history at University College, Chichester, England, and a specialist in contemporary French cultural history. He is the author of Louis Malle.