Custer's Last Campaign


Custer's Last Campaign

Mitch Boyer and the Little Bighorn Reconstructed

John S. Gray

446 pages
Illus., maps


August 1993


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Author Bio

John S. Gray was a distinguished historian whose books included the acclaimed Centennial Campaign: The Sioux War of 1876.


"Easily the most significant book yet published on the Battle of the Little Bighorn."—Paul L. Hedren, Western Historical Quarterly

"[Gray] has applied rigorous analysis as no previous historian has done to these oft-analyzed events. His detailed time-motion study of the movements of the various participants frankly boggles the mind of this reviewer. No one will be able to write of this battle again without reckoning with Gray"—Thomas W. Dunlay, Journal of American History

"Gray's analysis, by and large, is impressively drawn; it is an immensely logical reconstruction that should stand the test of time. As a contribution to Custer and Indian wars literature, it is indeed masterful."—Jerome A. Greene, New Mexico Historical Review

"Gray challenges many time-honored beliefs about the battle. Perhaps most significantly, he brings in as much as possible the testimony of the Indian witnesses, especially that of the young scout Curley, which generations of historians have dismissed for contradictions that Gray convincingly demonstrates were caused not by Curley but by the assumptions made by his questioners . . . The contrasts in [this] book. . . restate the basic components of what still attracts the imagination to the Little Bighorn."—Los Angeles Times Book Review


1991 Spur Award, sponsored by the Western Writers of America, non-fiction category winner
1992 John M. Carroll Literary Prize, sponsored by the Little Big Horn Association, winner

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