Blackfoot Lodge Tales


Blackfoot Lodge Tales

The Story of a Prairie People

Second Edition

George Bird Grinnell
With a new introduction by Thedis Berthelson Crowe

310 pages
Diagram, index


October 2003


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About the Book

This collection of powerful stories reveals the complex and wondrous world of the Blackfoot nation in the nineteenth century. The thirty tales transcribed by George Bird Grinnell provide an intimate look into Blackfoot culture and philosophy and remind us of tribal values to be upheld and taught. Classic tales of adventure speak of deeds accomplished, and cultural heroes roam across an arresting Native landscape of legend and history. Ancient stories, captured in oral tradition, cast the shadow of the Blackfoot people far into the past and provide foundation and meaning for their lives in the present. The final section of this book is an insightful overview of the history and culture of the Blackfoot Nation. First published in 1892, Blackfoot Lodge Tales is based on George Bird Grinnell’s personal interactions with the Blackfoot people.
A member of the Blackfeet Tribe and a historian, Thedis Berthelson Crowe provides an indigenous perspective of the Blackfoot Lodge Tales in her new introduction to this edition. Her great-great grandfather, William Russell, served as the Blackfoot interpreter for Grinnell.

Author Bio

George Bird Grinnell (1849–1938), a well-known naturalist and ethnologist, was the author of By Cheyenne Campfires, The Cheyenne Indians, and Two Great Scouts and Their Pawnee Battalion, all available in Bison Books editions.


“The author’s observations of the social organization, daily life, and customs of [the Blackfoot] rounds out a singular book.”—Los Angeles Times

“Grinnell’s book has stood the test of time as an important contribution to the history and ethnography of the Blackfeet.”—Natural History

“A classic collection of tales by a gifted storyteller and a lucid ethnographic description of the Blackfeet.”—Studies in American Indian Literature

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