They Called Them Angels


They Called Them Angels

American Military Nurses of World War II

Kathi Jackson

222 pages


March 2006


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About the Book

With the insight and intimacy of firsthand accounts from some of the thousands of army and navy nurses who served both stateside and overseas during World War II, this book tells the stories of the brave women who used any and all resources to save as many lives as possible. Although military nurses could have made more money as civilians, thousands chose to leave the security of home to care for the young men who went off to war. They were not saints but vibrant women whose performance changed both military and civilian nursing. Kathi Jackson's account follows army and navy nurses from the time they joined the military, through their active service, to their lives today.

They Called Them Angels presents the stories of women who lived under extraordinary circumstances in an extraordinary time, women who even today bear emotional scars along with lasting pride.

Author Bio

Kathi Jackson’s essays have been published in the Seattle Times, the Denver Post, and the Everett (WA) Herald. She lives in New Mexico.
They Called Them Angels is now available as a play for production from the author.


"[Jackson] re-creates the spirit of adventure and volunteerism, and the feelings of pride and patriotism of these military nurses through their own reminiscences."—Journal of Military History

“A poignant collection of personal anecdotes from World War II nurses, They Called Them Angels offers accurate, firsthand narratives of what the nursing field entailed. Contrary to the oft-seen movie depiction of the boy-crazy, highly primped, and ridiculously mannered wartime nurses (all of whom were female in World War II), Jackson's rendering is a more precise and deserving description of valor, commitment, and unrelenting compassion.”—Aerospace Power Journal

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