Cripple Creek Days


Cripple Creek Days

Mabel Barbee Lee

286 pages


September 1984


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About the Book

Mabel Barbee Lee has written a rousing tale of early days in Cripple Creek, Colorado. She speaks with authority because she arrived there as a child in 1892, and with wide-eyed wonder saw the whole place turn to gold.

With his divining rod, Mabel's father tapped gold ore on Beacon Hill but missed becoming a millionaire by selling his claim short. Nonetheless, life was rich for young Mabel in a booming town with points of interest like Poverty Gulch, the Continental Hotel, and a fantastic house called Finn's Folly; with characters around like the promoter Windy Joe and (seen from a distance) the madam Pearl De Vere; with something always going on, whether a celebration or a disastrous fire or train wreck or a no-nonsense miners' strike.

Mabel Lee's book brings back a time and place with affection. The foreword is by Lowell Thomas, who was her pupil when she was a young schoolmarm in Cripple Creek.


"One of the most fascinating accounts of a gold rush town."—Chicago Sunday Tribune

"More entertaining by far than the run of fictional westerns, more authentic, of course, and a great deal more moving."—W. M. Teller, Saturday Review

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