The Colonel's Lady on the Western Frontier


The Colonel's Lady on the Western Frontier

The Correspondence of Alice Kirk Grierson

Edited by Shirley Anne Leckie

Women in the West Series

256 pages
Illus., map


August 1989


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About the Book

The modern woman who tries to juggle private and public roles with equilibrium will discover a spiritual ancestor in Alice Kirk Grierson. The colonel's lady spent most of her life at army outposts on the nineteenth-century western frontier, where she faced the problems of raising a large family while fulfilling the duties of a commanding officer's wife. Fortunately for history, she left a large and extraordinarily candid correspondence, which has now been edited by Shirley Anne Leckie.

Alice was the wife of Benjamin B. Grierson, a major general in the Civil War who won fame for a raid that contributed to the fall of Vicksburg. Her letters begin in 1866, when her husband reentered the army as colonel of the legendary "buffalo soldiers" of the Tenth Cavalry, and end with her death in 1888. During these years she chronicles the criticism experienced by her husband in commanding one of the army's two black mounted regiments and the frustration when he is repeatedly passed over for promotion, in part because he advocated a more humane Indian policy. All the while her position requires her to assume heavy responsibilities as a hostess. Her letters are just as unflinching in describing the daily hard-ships of raising a family at frontier posts like Forts Riley, Gibson, Sill, Concho, Davis, and Grant, where two of her seven children died young and two suffered from manic-depressive psychosis. They are extraordinary for their insight into nineteenth-century attitudes toward birth control, childbearing, marital roles, race relations, and mental illness.

Author Bio

In her introduction Shirley Anne Leckie adds to the portrait of a forthright woman who stood up to unremitting demands without sacrificing her own identity. An associate professor of history at the University of Central Florida, she is coauthor, with William H. Leckie, of Unlikely Warriors: General Benjamin H. Grierson and His Family (1984).

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