The Cavalry at Gettysburg


The Cavalry at Gettysburg

A Tactical Study of Mounted Operations during the Civil War's Pivotal Campaign, 9 June-14 July 1863

Edward G. Longacre

340 pages


February 1993


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Author Bio

Edward G. Longacre’s books on the Civil War have won both the Fletcher Pratt Award of the Civil War Round Table of New York and the Moncado prize of the American Military Institute. They include Mounted Raids of the Civil War, available in a Bison Books edition.


"For cavalry and/or Gettysburg enthusiasts, this book is a must; for other Civil War buffs, it possesses the qualities sought by students of the conflict. . . . [It] bristles with analysis, details, judgements, personality profiles, and evaluations and combat descriptions, even down to the squadron and company levels. The mounted operations of the campaign from organizational, strategic, and tactical viewpoints are examined thoroughly. The author’s graphic recountings of the Virginia fights at Brandy Station, Aldie, Middleburg, and Upperville, the Pennsylvania encounters at Hanover, Hunterstown, Gettysburg, and Fairfield, and finally the retreat to Virginia, are the finest this reviewer has read under a single cover. For those who enjoy the thunder of hoofbeats, the clang of sabers, and the crack of pistols and carbines, this book has all of it. Generals and privates share the pages, as the mounted opponents parry and thrust across hundreds of miles of territory from June 9 to July 14, 1863."—Civil War Times Illustrated

"Edward Longacre’s study is a much-needed, long overdue piece of the complex mosaic which makes up the Gettysburg story. No Civil War Library should be without it. The volume adds an important perspective to one’s understanding of this critical military operation."—Military Images


1986 Fletcher Pratt Literary Award, sponsored by the Civil War Round Table of New York, winner

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