Master of Adventure


Master of Adventure

The Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs

Richard A. Lupoff
Foreword by Michael Moorcock
Preface by Henry Hardy Heins
With an introduction to the Bison Book Edition by the author
With an essay by Phillip R. Burger

Bison Frontiers of Imagination Series

308 pages


May 2005


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About the Book

So, just how was Tarzan created? Eager to know the inside story about the legendary John Carter and the amazing cities and peoples of Barsoom? Perhaps your taste is more suited to David Innes and the fantastic lost world at the Earth’s core? Or maybe wrong-way Napier and the bizarre civilizations of cloud-enshrouded Venus are more to your liking? These pages contain all that you will ever want to know about the wondrous worlds and unforgettable characters penned by the master storyteller Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Richard A. Lupoff, the respected critic and writer who helped spark a Burroughs revival in the 1960s, reveals fascinating details about the stories written by the creator of Tarzan. Featured here are outlines of all of Burroughs’s major novels, with descriptions of how they were each written and their respective sources of inspiration. This Bison Books edition includes a new foreword by fantasy writer Michael Moorcock, a new introduction by the author, a final chapter by Phillip R. Burger, as well as corrected text and an updated bibliography.

Author Bio

Richard A. Lupoff is a critic and an author of speculative fiction. Michael Moorcock is the author of the Elric saga and other works. Phillip R. Burger is a freelance writer, a consultant to Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., and a contributor to the Bison Frontiers of Imagination series.


“Required reading for Burroughs fans.”—Analog

“Excellently researched by a recognized authority.”—Chicago Tribune

“Lupoff's lucid, occasionally wry recappings make one want to scour second-hand bookshops for Burroughs's back catalog in a quest to find out more.”—Times Literary Supplement

“Lupoff’s thoughtful insights and thorough examination of each facet of Burroughs’ work enriches what was already enjoyable reading.”—The Barbarian Chronicles

“Lupoff, who’s now a senior author of speculative fiction. . . . makes shrewd observations about the Tarzan character, Jack Layton, son and heir of Lord Greystoke.”—George Fetherling, The New Brunswick Reader

“This well-paced book is sort of a biography of Burrough’s writing. While it does not go into detail on all 75 of Burroughs’s books listed in its bibliography, it does examine a good many of the most important works. Well-written by a working novelist, Master of Adventure is a good read for anyone interested in escapism and a must-read for all Burroughs fans.”—Statesman Journal

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