An Illustrated History, Second Edition

Frederick C. Luebke

Great Plains Photography Series

416 pages
Illus., maps


June 2005


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About the Book

A unique history of Nebraska is presented in these pages, drawing on fifty-eight short topical chapters and a rich gallery of illustrations. Professor Frederick C. Luebke’s lifelong commitment to the study of his state informs the book in every detail, as does his concern for clear and readable narrative. The treasure trove of images, many never published before, cast new light on many aspects of Nebraska’s history. These include the culture of the state’s Native peoples and their lives today, the building of the transcontinental railroad, the hardship endured by European immigrants, and the contributions of women, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans to the state. This is a book that every Nebraskan will want to own, read, and enjoy.
This second edition includes updated chapters on the current social, economic, and political climate of Nebraska and some new illustrations.

Author Bio

Frederick C. Luebke is Charles J. Mach Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the department of history at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. His books include A Harmony of the Arts: The Nebraska State Capitol (Nebraska 1990) and Germans in the New World: Essays in the History of Immigration.


"An important contribution to our understanding of Nebraska history."—Great Plains Quarterly

"Beware. The first taste of Nebraska history will almost inevitably lead you to larger and larger meals. The history is abundant, varied, exciting, and unique. And Luebke’s book is the perfect appetizer."—Lincoln Journal Star

“If you know little about Nebraska’s past and want an engaging introduction, start with this book.”—Nebraska Life

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