Plains Song


Plains Song

For Female Voices

Wright Morris
Introduction by Charles Baxter

229 pages


October 2000


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January 2013


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October 2000


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Author Bio

Wright Morris (1910–1998) wrote thirty-three books, including The Home Place, also available in a Bison Books edition, and Field of Vision, which won the National Book Award. Charles Baxter is a professor of English at the University of Michigan and the author of numerous works, including The Feast of Love.


"Nowhere in [Morris's] fiction does emotion emerge from detail so beautifully as in this precise and vivid book. . . . The triumph of the book, in terms of craft, is that we experience the sense of the slow passage of time so necessary to such a story. . . . The heart of the book is its tactful rendering of the emotional history of several women. . . . Precise, satisfying, and complete."—New York Times Book Review

"This is a beautiful, subtle novel that accomplishes the rare effect of presenting history from the inside out. . . . As the title suggests, this is a melody without accompaniment, music of the simplest and most beautiful kind. Perhaps it is because Morris sketches his characters so sparingly that they seem so indelible. They are such a real presence that it's hard to think they haven't actually lived."—Christian Science Monitor

"Wright Morris knows the embattled regions within his people as well as the harshly beautiful landscapes that surround them."—New Republic


Winner of the National Book Award

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