The Moon Pool


The Moon Pool

A. Merritt
Introduction by Robert Silverberg

Bison Frontiers of Imagination Series

287 pages


March 2001


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About the Book

On the island of Ponape in the South Pacific, the cold light of a full moon washes over the crumbling ruins of an ancient, vanished civilization. Unleashed from the depths is the Dweller, a glittering, enigmatic force of monstrous terror and radiant beauty that stalks the South Pacific, claiming all in its path. An international expedition led by American Walter Goodwin races to save those who have fallen victim to the Dweller. The dark mystery behind the malevolent force is Muria, a forgotten, mythic world deep within the earth that is home to a legendary people intent on reclaiming what was theirs long ago. This commemorative edition of The Moon Pool features an introduction by Robert Silverberg, a review of the first edition, and a glossary of the Murian language.

Author Bio

A. Merritt (1884–1943), one of the most popular American writers of science fiction and fantasy in the early twentieth century, is the author of several classic tales, including The Ship of Ishtar and The Face in the Abyss. Renowned science fiction writer Robert Silverberg is the recipient of multiple Hugo and Nebula Awards. His most recent novels include Sorcerers of Majipoor and Lord Prestimion.


"Students of early science fiction will welcome the University of Nebraska Press's series Bison Frontiers of Imagination."—Times Literary Supplement

“First published as a novel in 1919, this path-breaking genre piece was praised by the New York Times. . . . Merritt was among the first . . . to speculate in fiction about the implications of the new science, archeology, and anthropology at the turn of the century. . . . An entertaining ode to love and sacrifice.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Fantasy, romance, adventure; something of mystery, something of the supernatural; a weaving together of ancient legends, older by far than any historical records, with the scientific knowledge of the present day; and side by side with these, yet far above and mastering them, the power of human love and willing self-sacrifice, the whole held together by a shimmering, glittering web of imagination . . . It marks the debut of a writer possessed of a very unusual, perhaps one might almost call it extraordinary, richness of imagination.”—New York Times Book Review

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