Marie Redonnet
Translated with an introduction by Jordan Stump

European Women Writers Series

125 pages


August 1996


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About the Book

When Deputy Willy Bost arrives in the mysterious border town of San Rosa, he does not know why he has been sent there or what he will find. What he encounters, gradually, is an obscure network of private and public relations tarnished by corruption, ambition, manipulation, and deceit. Nothing is clear in the workings of this sinister city; and no one, including Willy Bost, is altogether innocent. Murder, bombings, deceptions, seductions—all come to the fore in this spellbinding portrait of a society that seems both absurd and real.

Nevermore is Marie Redonnet’s fifth novel. Her earlier novels display her talent for capturing the unique voices and personalities of isolated women. Nevermore reflects her equally great gift for portraying the workings—and failures—of whole societies.

Born in Paris in 1947, Marie Redonnet taught for a number of years in a suburban lycée before deciding to pursue a writing career full time. Since her volume of poetry Le Mort & Cie appeared in 1985, she has published five novels, a novella, short stories, and three dramatic works.

Author Bio

Jordan Stump is the translator of Marie Redonnet’s Hôtel Splendid, Forever Valley, and Rose Mellie Rose (Nebraska 1994). He is an assistant professor of French at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

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