Old Jules Country


Old Jules Country

A Selection from "Old Jules" and Thirty Years of Writing after the Book was Published

Mari Sandoz

319 pages


January 1983


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About the Book

By zealous research, keen observation, and wide-ranging and deeply probing commentary, Mari Sandoz has become one of the most famous and well-respected interpreters of the American West. Old Jules Country is made up of the region that Sandoz has written about most frequently—the High Plains of the Dakotas, Montana, Nebraska, and Wyoming—the Black Hills, the Bad Lands, the sandhills, and the great rivers: the Missouri, the Platte, and the Yellowstone.

Here are selections from the six volumes of her acclaimed Great Plains Series The Beaver Men, Crazy Horse, Cheyenne Autumn, The Buffalo Hunters, The Cattlemen, and Old Jules and from her study of a great people, These Were the Sioux. Also included are two essays, "The Lost Sitting Bull" and "The Homestead in Perspective." A Cheyenne prayer and two sketches unavailable elsewhere—"Snakes" and "Coyotes and Eagles"—complete the collection.

This anthology provides a stimulating sampling for readers not yet acquainted with Sandoz's work. For her extensive following, it offers the opportunity for a satisfying reappraisal of her overall achievement.


"No one else, wielding quill or typewriter, commands such evocative prose about the Plains as does Miss Sandoz." —San Francisco Chronicle

"Miss Sandoz knows the West, and whether she is presenting the beauty of the land, the excitement of the hunt, or the tension of an Indian raid, she does it—not sensationally—with authority and vigor."—Library Journal

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