These Were the Sioux


These Were the Sioux

Mari Sandoz

118 pages


September 1985


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About the Book

"The Sioux Indians came into my life before I had any preconceived notions about them," writes Mari Sandoz about the visitors to her family homestead in the Sandhills of Nebraska when she was a child. These Were the Sioux, written in her last decade, takes the reader far inside a world of rituals surrounding puberty, courtship, and marriage, as well as the hunt and the battle.


"These Were the Sioux compels attention because it is authoritative; it compels admiration because it was written from the heart." —V.P. Hass, Chicago Sunday Tribune

"The Sioux book gives the lore and logic of Indian life. It is rapid reading. Yet it unobtrusively overflows with Miss Sandoz's lifetime love and respect for these plains pioneers, and with her careful insights into their ways." —R. C. Nelson, Christian Science Monitor

"Here in these well established patterns of conduct . . . is a picture of an orderly, deeply respected way of life that is no more. . . . A worthwhile appraisal." —Kirkus

"It clearly demonstrates the understanding of Indians that can be offered by a gifted, sensitive writer who has had extensive first-hand knowledge of the Indian people about whom she writes." —J. C. Ewers, Saturday Review of Literature

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