Adobe Days


Adobe Days

Sarah Bixby Smith
Foreword by Gloria Ricci Lothrop
Introduction by Robert Ernest Cowan

154 pages


October 1987


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About the Book

In this rollicking reminiscence Sarah Bixby Smith tells of Los Angeles when it was “a little frontier town” and “Bunker Hill Avenue was the end of the settlement, a row of scattered houses along the ridge.” She came there in 1878 at the age of seven from the San Justo Rancho in Monterey County. Sarah recalls daily life in town and at San Justo and neighboring ranches in the bygone era of the adobes. Exerting a strong pull on her imagination, as it will on the reader’s, is the story of how her family drove sheep and cattle from Illinois to the Pacific Coast in the 1850s. The daughter of a pioneering woolgrower, Sarah Bixby Smith became a leading citizen of California.

Author Bio

Gloria Ricci Lothrop is a professor of history at California State Polytechnic University.


"A description of California between the mining rush and the tourist rush. . . . A rich resource in the study of Southern California's social history. . . [And a] rare description of a child's life in the West."—Gloria Ricci Lathrop

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