Hostiles and Friendlies


Hostiles and Friendlies

Selected Short Writings of Mari Sandoz

Mari Sandoz
Introduction by Virginia Faulkner

254 pages
Illus., map


January 1959


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About the Book

Here in one volume are Mari Sandoz's reminiscences of life in the Sandhills country; a study of the two Sitting Bulls (the Hunkpapa and the Oglala) and other Indian pieces; a novelette, Bone Joe and the Smokin' Woman; and nine short stories, mostly with a rural setting, including The Vine," her first to be published. Introduced by an autogiographical sketch of the author's early years and linked by a commentary derived from her letters, articles, and interviews, the separate pieces coalesce into an illuminating picture both of the Niobrara River country and of Mari Sandoz's emergence as a major American writer.

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