The Body of a Young Man


The Body of a Young Man

Mildred Walker
Introduced by Sharon Bryan

186 pages


March 1997


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About the Book

James Cutler, a high school physics teacher, is shattered by the suicide of his most promising student. Hoping to gain perspective and peace of mind, he travels with his wife, Phyllis, to Vermont to spend the summer at the farm of old friends, Josh and Lucy Blair.
The Body of a Young Man is a deeply moving story of four people whose friendship asks more than they can give and offers more than they can take. Only in observing another tragedy does James begin to see vulnerability as a virtue and ambiguity as a source of strength.

Author Bio

Mildred Walker, chronicler of the modern American West and New England, is gaining new admirers with Bison Books reprints of such novels as Winter Wheat and The Southwest Corner. Introducer Sharon Bryan, her longtime friend, is a visiting poet at the University of Houston and the author of Salt Air, Objects of Affection and the forthcoming Flying Blind.


“A thoughtful novel, tinged with irony.”—Christian Science Monitor

“The atmosphere is warm, tense, and sympathetic, and so is the writing.”—New Yorker

Walker "has commented on an important subject with sincerity."—New York Times Book Review

“Sensitive and well written.”—Library Journal

“An understanding and interesting exploration of personalities and emotions.”—Booklist

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