Creative Genius


Creative Genius

The Art of the Nebraska Capitol

Susanne Shore, Kevin Moser, Drew Davies

224 pages
213 color photographs, 11 illustrations


May 2024


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About the Book

Few buildings reveal truths, inspire greatness, and narrate the creation of humanity. Creative Genius: The Art of the Nebraska Capitol documents such a place. The Nebraska Capitol—once called “a peak in the history of building accomplishment”—breaks the boundaries of architecture and art.

Creative Genius unveils new images of the art of the Capitol in striking detail. Included are some of the greatest works by some of America’s most recognized artists and visionaries.

Along with remarkable visuals, Creative Genius delivers insights into the extraordinary stories and vision behind the art. Steeped in history and lore, the building narrates the creation of the universe and life, as well as the epic journey of the peoples of Nebraska. This book reveals the themes driving the art, chronicles the stories behind artists and their creations, and celebrates the beauty embodied in this influential building.

Author Bio

Susanne Shore, former First Lady of Nebraska, is an ardent promoter of Nebraska, including its beautiful Capitol. Kevin Moser is passionate about utilizing storytelling and technology to promote the Cornhusker State. Drew Davies is founder and creative director of Oxide, a civic-minded brand and design consultancy. He specializes in election and ballot design.


“The Nebraska State Capitol may be the most beautiful capitol building in the United States. From the day it opened, it’s been recognized as an outlier relative to its forty-nine rivals. The influential leaders of American Architect certainly thought so, choosing to feature the Nebraska Capitol in the October 1934 issue soon after the building opened. In the introduction, they wrote: ‘From the engineering standpoint, the building embodies the cumulative results of American energy, inventive skill and organizing ability; and from all combined points of view, it stands as a remarkable interpretation of innumerable events that have shaped the progress of American art, industry, and democratic government.’”—from the prologue

Table of Contents

The Building
Floor Mosaics
Warner Chamber
Norris Chamber
Governor's Suite
Law Library and Courts
Memorial Chamber
Image Credits

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