Football's Last Iron Men


Football's Last Iron Men

1934, Yale vs. Princeton, and One Stunning Upset

Norman L. Macht

168 pages
7 illustrations


September 2010


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September 2010


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About the Book

In November 1934, the Princeton football team—unbeaten in its last fifteen games—faced the 3–3 Yale Bulldogs, who gave new meaning to the term “underdogs.” As much a thrilling play-by-play account of college football at its finest as it is a fascinating work of sports history, this book chronicles the season that brought Princeton and Yale together in a game like no other since.
Football’s Last Iron Men follows the teams from the hiring of future Hall of Fame coaches Fritz Crisler and Greasy Neale through spring practice to their annual clash on November 17. The Yale Elis, it seemed, had no chance. How those eleven players—who never left the game—stunned Princeton 7–0 is a chapter in football history. It was an era of 165-pound linemen, quarterbacks who called their own plays, and student athletes who earned no special treatment. But the story of Yale’s Iron Men is also part of a larger history, for it took place during the Great Depression, when millions of struggling Americans found hope in the courage and grit of the team who wouldn’t quit.

Author Bio

Norman L. Macht is the author of more than thirty books, including Connie Mack and the Early Years of Baseball (Nebraska 2007). His work has appeared in numerous publications.


“Norman Macht captures in exacting detail the exciting 1934 Yale and Princeton seasons, culminating in the heroic sixty-minute effort of eleven tenacious Bulldogs as they upset the heavily favored Tigers.”—Jim Campbell, football historian

"The game has changed dramatically since 1934, however one must go back in time and truly see how it was once played. This book shows the way the game was played by men from a different time."—Bob Swick, Gridiron Greats

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Chapter 1 – In the Beginning
Chapter 2 – The Rules
Chapter 3 – Fritz Crisler
Chapter 4 – Greasy Neale
Chapter 5 – Spring 1934
Chapter 6 – Quarterbacks Class
Chapter 7 – Fall 1934
Chapter 8 – October 6
Chapter 9 – October 13
Chapter 10 – October 20
Chapter 11 – October 27
Chapter 12 – November 3
Chapter 13 – November 10
Chapter 14 – November 12-16
Chapter 15 – November 17, Pre-Game
Chapter 16 – November 17, First Quarter
Chapter 17 – November 17, Second Quarter
Chapter 18 – November 17, Halftime
Chapter 19 – November 17, Third Quarter
Chapter 20 – November 17, Fourth Quarter
Chapter 21 – November 17, Post-Game
Chapter 22 – November 24
Chapter 23– The Rest of the Story

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