Final Innings


Final Innings

A Documentary History of Baseball, 1972-2008

Compiled and edited by Dean A. Sullivan

376 pages
10 photographs


June 2010


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About the Book

With Final Innings Dean Sullivan concludes his four-volume documentary history of baseball, whose three earlier volumes have been called “a broad array of illuminating and often unexpected materials” (Sports Collectors Digest), “an invaluable reference tool” (Newark Star-Ledger), and a “fascinating collection” (Washington Post), in which “ancient myths are shattered and new facts are uncovered” (USA Today Baseball Weekly).
Culling the most pertinent, newsworthy, and just plain curious stories from newspapers and periodicals, and putting each into context, Sullivan constructs an informative and entertaining account of Major League baseball from 1972 through 2008. The 105 essays cover key topics such as George Steinbrenner’s purchase of the Yankees, the first free-agent draft, the coming of lights to Wrigley Field, the cancellation of the World Series in 1994, and the BALCO steroid probe. They also bring to light lesser-known gems like the rise of sabermetrics and the federal injunction against team owners in 1995. Offering a you-are-there view of the events that made baseball into the game we know today, this book gives readers a chance to go back and experience baseball’s recent history as it happened and was reported by many of the game’s finest writers and most prominent voices.

Author Bio

Dean A. Sullivan is the editor of Early Innings, Middle Innings, and Late Innings, all available in Bison Books editions.


“With this fourth volume of his documentary history, Dean Sullivan brings his magisterial annals of the nation’s pastime to a close. Although the past four decades may have been baseball’s most aggravating, he reminds us why, despite all its struggle and strife, this is our game.”—John Thorn

“With the publication of Final Innings, Dean Sullivan has rounded third and crossed the plate, scoring one important run for the team that believes history begins with the study of the documentary record. This fourth volume completes a prodigious achievement, a comprehensive collection of material from dozens of sources that both educates and entertains, a must for any serious student of the game.”—Steve Gietschier, assistant professor of history at Lindenwood University and baseball historian

“[Sullivan] has brought the recent past to life with this splendid new selection of the moments that have shaped today’s game. . . . Attorneys have a saying that ‘the document speaks for itself.’ So it is with these documents, and they have much to tell us.”—Peter Morris, author of Level Playing Fields: How the Groundskeeping Murphy Brothers Shaped Baseball

"An excellent selection of often-compelling documents that do indeed represent all of the major events both on and off the field in the major leagues since 1972. Sullivan's commentaries throughout are incisive and illuminating, and the selections he suggests for further reading are inspired."—Rob Langenderfer, Library Journal

"Sullivan has done a superb job with this concluding volume in his excellent four-volume sequence." —S. A. Riess, Choice

"When Dean Sullivan embarked on his ambitious project to trace baseball's past through important or noteworthy documents there wasn't nearly as much history to cover as there was by the time he finished. . . . Even those who followed things closely as they happened will learn new details and be reminded of things they forgot (or suppressed) over time."—James Bailey, Baseball America

Table of Contents

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1. Marvin Miller Comments on Strike (1972)     

2. Miller Responds to Critic (1972)

3. Pirates Lose <SC>nlcs</SC> in Dramatic Fashion in Clemente's Final Game (1972)  

4. Spectacular Catch Saves Series Win for Oakland (1972)   

5. George Steinbrenner<EN>Led Group Buys New York Yankees (1973) 

6. "Explanation of Designated Hitter Rule" (1973)    

7. Salary Arbitration Permitted in New Basic Agreement (1973)    

8. Poll Reveals Support for New <SC>dh</SC> Rule (1973)    

9. Finley Punishes Player Whose Errors Cost A's Series Game (1973)     

10. Peter Seitz on Salary Arbitration (1974)   

11. Ten-Cent "Beer Night" Leads to Riot, Forfeit in Cleveland (1974)   

12. Frank Robinson Hired as First African American Manager (1974)

13. "Catfish" Hunter Granted Free Agency by Arbitrator (1974)    



14. State Department Considers Permitting Exhibition Game with Cuba (1975)   

15. Congress Recognizes Promotion of Baseball's One Millionth Run (1975)     

16. Rules for Joe Garagiola/Bazooka Big League Bubble Gum Blowing Championship (1975)    

17. Fisk Home Run Ends Classic World Series Game (1975)    

18. Massachusetts Congressman Complains to Kuhn about Series Umpiring (1975) 

19. Arbitrator Decides Against Validity of Reserve Clause (1975) 

20. Seitz Fired by Major League Baseball; Columnist Attacks Seitz and His Decision (1975)

21. Kuhn Ends Lockout by Opening Spring Training Camps (1976)    

22. Kuhn Rules Against Charles Finley's Sale of Players (1976)   

23. Kuhn Describes New Basic Agreement (1976)  

24. Baseball Announces First Free-Agent Draft (1976) 



25. Pam Postema Seeks to Become First Female Major League Umpire (1977)

26. A Profile of the Society for American Baseball Research (<SC>sabr</SC>) (1977) 

27. Reggie Jackson, Billy Martin Nearly Come to Blows (1977)     

28. Hall of Fame's Negro League Committee Dissolved (1977) 

29. Jackson's Three Homers Lead Yankees to World Series Title (1977)   

30. Yankees Complete "Boston Massacre" (1978)  

31. Yankees Defeat Red Sox in Classic Playoff Game (1978)  

32. Miller Comments on Umpires' Strike (1979)  

33. The Player Relations Committee's Perspective on Negotiations with the <SC>mlbpa</SC> (1980)     

34. Philadelphia Defeats Houston in <SC>nlcs</SC> Game Despite Controversial Call (1980) 

35. Analysis of Kuhn's Role in Settling Strike (1981)

36. Strike Ended After Fifty Days (1981) 

37. Cincinnati Excluded from Playoffs Despite Achieving Best Record (1981)   

38. Miller Attacks Future Commissioner for Strike Commentary (1982)    



39. Bill James on "Sabermetrics" (1982)  

40. "Destiny Has Finally Overtaken Bowie Kuhn" (1982)

41. Kuhn Orders Mickey Mantle to Choose Between Baseball and Casino (1983)   

42. Miller Questions Actions of His Successor (1983) 

43. Kuhn Announces New Policy on Drugs; Union Responds (1984)    

44. Official Report on Baseball in the 1984 Olympic Games (1984)       

45. Ueberroth Pressures Cubs to Install Lights at Wrigley Field (1984) 

46. New Basic Agreement Signed, Ending Two-Game Strike (1985)    

47. Players Testify in Pittsburgh Drug Case (1985)   

48. Pete Rose Breaks Cobb's Career Hits Record (1985)

49. Clemens Breaks Record with Twenty Strikeouts in a Game (1986)

50. Mets Win Dramatic, Sixteen-Inning Game Over Astros, Win <SC>nlcs</SC> (1986)   

51. Buckner Error Helps Mets Avoid Elimination from World Series (1986)

52. Dodgers Executive Questions Whether Blacks Have "Necessities" to Manage (1987) 



53. Arbitrator Decides Against Owners in "Collusion I" (1987)    

54. Owners Lose Collusion II in 1986 Free Agency Case (1988)     

55. Kirk Gibson, Orel Hershiser Rally Dodgers to Surprising Lead in World Series (1988)  

56. Baseball's First Retractable Domed Stadium Debuts in Toronto (1989)

57. Pete Rose Banished from Baseball (1989)    

58. Commissioner Giamatti Dies of Heart Attack (1989)

59. World Series Interrupted by Devastating Earthquake (1989)    

60. Vincent Defends Controversial Television Contract (1989)     

61. Thirty-Two-Day Lockout Ends with New Basic Agreement (1990)  

62. Owners Lose Collusion III (1990)     

63. Vincent Rules Against Steinbrenner in Spira Case (1990)

64. Jack Morris, Twins Win Classic Seventh Game of World Series (1991) 



65. Vincent Orders <SC>nl</SC> Realignment, Again Angers Owners (1992) 

66. Bud Selig Named Acting Commissioner After Vincent's Resignation (1992)   

67. Owners Vote to Reopen Labor Negotiations Early (1992)  

68. Congressional Testimony Regarding the Resignation of Fay Vincent (1992)  

69. Reds Owner Marge Schott Punished for Racial Remarks (1993)   

70. "A Wild, Wacky Ride": Toronto 15, Philadelphia 14 (1993)     

71. Revenue-Sharing Plan Passed by Owners (1994)     

72. Selig, Fehr Testify on Redefined Powers of Commissioner's Office (1994)  

73. Owners Withhold Pension Payment to Players (1994)

74. Review of Ken Burns's Documentary Baseball (1994)

75. Acting Commissioner Selig Cancels Remainder of Season, World Series (1994)     

76. Congressional Research Service Offers Solutions to Labor Impasse (1994)  

77. Owners Compare "Myth" and "Truth" in Baseball Dispute (1995) 

78. Federal Judge Issues Injunction Against Owners; Strike Ended (1995)



79. Baseball Approves Revision of Landmark Career Statistics (1995)    

80. 2,131: Ripken Breaks Gehrig's Consecutive-Game Record (1995) 

81. <SC>mlbpa</SC> Ratifies Basic Agreement, Officially Ending 1994 Strike (1996)  

82. Fehr Comments on Proposed "Curt Flood Act of 1997" (1997)    

83. Impact of 1997 Professional Baseball Agreement on a Minor League Club (1997)   

84. Florida Marlins Win World Series in Extra Innings (1997)     

85. "El Duque" Makes Major League Debut (1998) 

86. Selig Officially Elected as Commissioner (1998)  

87. Reporter Questions McGwire's Use of Supplements (1998) 

88. McGwire Breaks Record with Sixty-second Home Run (1998)

89. Baltimore Defeats Cuban Team in Exhibition Game (1999) 

90. Umpires' Negotiating Strategy Starts to Backfire (1999)



91. Eleven Hispanic Players Boycott Games in Support of Elian Gonzalez (2)   

92. Owners' "Blue Ribbon Panel" Analyzes Baseball Economics and Competitive Imbalance (2)

93. Baseball Hall of Fame Reconfigures Veterans Committee (2001) 

94. Baseball Returns to New York After September 11 Disaster (2001)    

95. Jeter's Spectacular Play Helps Save Yankees' Season (2001)   

96. Arizona Rallies to Beat Rivera, Yankees in World Series (2001)     

97. Commentary on Announcement of Baseball's Decision to Contract Two Teams (2001) 

98. Selig Stops All-Star Game After Eleven-Inning Tie (2002)     

99. Basic Agreement Signed by All Clubs Except Yankees (2002)    

100. Summary of <SC>balco</SC> Steroid Probe and Barry Bonds (2003)    

101. Boston Ends "The Curse," Wins World Series (2004)     

102. Congress Pressures Baseball to Strengthen Steroid Testing Policy (2005) 

103. Bonds Hits 756th Home Run Amidst Controversy (2007)   

104. The "Process of the Investigation" of "The Mitchell Report" (2007)

105. Congressmen Question Truthfulness of Roger Clemens's Testimony (2008)   

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One of Baseball America's top 10 baseball books of 2010.
Named an Outstanding Academic Title by Choice Magazine.

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