Swords from the West


Swords from the West

Harold Lamb
Edited by Howard Andrew Jones
Introduction by Robert Weinberg

622 pages


September 2009


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November 2014


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About the Book

Beset by enemies on every side and torn by internal divisions, the crusader kingdoms were a hotbed of intrigue, where your greatest ally might be your natural enemy. Because lives and kingdoms often rested on the edge of a sword blade, it was a time when a bold heart and a steady hand would see you far—so long as you watched your back.
Here, for the first time, are all seventeen of Harold Lamb’s uncollected crusader stories in one volume. Read now of the fall of kingdoms and the fate of doomed men, of desperate battles and brave comrades, of shrewd maids and scheming nobles. Join Nial O’Gordon, a young crusader riding deep into Asia to forget his past. Venture forth with Sir Robert of Antioch to cross blades with the Mongol hordes. Join King Richard the Lionhearted for his last battle. Stand firm beside Sir John and his Arab friend Khalil against a band of traitors. And sail out with Michael Bearn on a mission of vengeance, as he risks his life to bring down a sultan and his kingdom.

Author Bio

Harold Lamb (1892–1962), who wrote biographies and screenplays as well as historical fiction, is best remembered for his tales of Cossacks and Crusaders. Howard Andrew Jones is the managing editor of Black Gate magazine and the editor of the Bison Books editions of Harold Lamb’s Wolf of the Steppes, Warriors of the Steppes, Riders of the Steppes, and Swords of the Steppes.
Robert Weinberg is the author of sixteen novels including The Web of Arachnos and Spinning the Clay into Stars. The author of several nonfiction books and the editor of many anthologies, he has also been writing comic books for the past several years.
More information about Harold Lamb and his works is available at www.haroldlamb.com.


“Lamb knew how to write straight-ahead adventure the way Michelangelo knew how to paint.”—S. M. Stirling

"Rest assured that every single solitary tale within the covers of Swords From the West is worth reading."—Deuce Richardson, Cimmerian

"As a young writer and history buff, I loved Harold Lamb, and this reprinting of the seventeen so-called "Crusader stories" from Adventure Magazine reminded me why. . . . His imagination, his gifts of plot and action writing, and his passion for worlds and peoples not white, not western and not like us, make the book a delight to read."—Cecelia Holland, Historical Novels Review

Table of Contents





The Red Cock Crows

The Golden Horde

The Long Sword



Keeper of the Gate

The Tower of the Ravens

The Grand Cham

The Black Road

Knights with Wings

The Making of the Morning Star

The Bells of the Mountains

The Faring Forth

Secret of Victory

The Village of the Ghost

The Iron Man Rides

Doom Rides In



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