In Search of Powder


In Search of Powder

A Story of America's Disappearing Ski Bum

Jeremy Evans
Foreword by Glen Plake

256 pages


November 2010


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About the Book

As a recent college graduate and fledging newspaper reporter in the Lake Tahoe area, Jeremy Evans became immersed in ski bum culture—a carefree lifestyle whose mantra was simply: “Ski as much as possible.” His snowboarding suffered when he left for a job in the Portland area; and when, at twenty-six, he suffered a stroke, he reexamined his priorities, quit his job, moved back to Tahoe, and threw himself into snowboarding. But while he had been away, the culture had changed. This book is Evans’s paean to the disappearing culture of the ski bum. A fascinating look at a world far removed from the larger culture, it is also a curious account of a passion for powder and what its disappearance means.
Evans looks at several prominent ski towns in the West (including Crested Butte, Jackson Hole, Telluride, Lake Tahoe, Park City, and Mammoth) and the ski bums who either flourished or fled. He chronicles the American West transformed by rising real estate costs, an immigrant workforce, misguided values, and corporate-owned resorts. The story he tells is that of quintessentially American characters—rejecting materialism, taking risks, following their own path—and of the glories and pitfalls their lifestyle presents.

Author Bio

Jeremy Evans is a former daily newspaper reporter whose eight-year journalism career garnered numerous writing awards for his outdoor and sports writing. He is currently a freelance writer whose work has appeared in Powder and Skiing magazines. Glen Plake is an iconic figure in American freestyle skiing and extreme sports.


In Search of Powder by Jeremy Evans is funny, irreverent, hedonistic, saucy, insightful, and ski-obsessed. Much like the ski bums detailed within.”—Rob Story, editor at large of Powder and Skiing magazines

"A provocative new book."—Sam McManis, Sacramento Bee

"[A] superb book about ski towns like ours."—George Shirk, Mammoth Times

"Evans' book chronicles all this in fine details, gathered over several seasons of boarding and interviewing. He has all the history, all the names and all the places. If you're an ex-ski bum, this is required reading. If you remember those days, ditto. Or if you just like tales of men and women on the edge, give it a read. And keep an eye out for Evans, he's still riding our slopes."—Sam Bauman, Nevada Appeal

"In Search of Powder is a comprehensive, well-written and well-reasoned homage to a lifestyle that many of us yearn for, secretly or otherwise."—Ted Holteen, Durango Herald

"Evans tells the story of quintessentially American characters—rejecting materialism, taking risks, following their own paths—and of the glories and pitfalls their lifestyles present."—ForeWord e-newsletter

Table of Contents

Foreword by Glen Plake
Chapter 1 - Shangri-la
Chapter 2 - Den of the Face Rats
Chapter 3 - Suburbanite Ski Bums
Chapter 4 - Ski Town Invasion
Chapter 5 - Resorting to Madness
Chapter 6 - Swift, Silent, Deep
Chapter 7 - Kodak Courage