A Summer to Be


A Summer to Be

A Memoir by the Daughter of Hamlin Garland

Isabel Garland Lord
Edited and with an introduction by Keith Newlin
Foreword by Victoria Doyle-Jones

424 pages
32 illustrations


April 2010


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About the Book

In A Summer to Be, Isabel Garland Lord writes an honest and revealing memoir of growing up in the shadow of her famous father, the pioneering realist and Pulitzer Prize–winning author Hamlin Garland. Lord unveils a hitherto unknown side of her father—the intensely loving, domineering patriarch whose deep love for his eldest daughter led him to change the trajectory of his career even as that love impeded his daughter’s own independence. Written in the 1960s, A Summer to Be movingly weaves the story of Lord’s own coming of age that is also a snapshot of American literary culture during the first decades of the twentieth century. Part memoir and part autobiography, A Summer to Be records a daughter’s gradual emergence from her devoted and possessive father; it is a story full of moments of revelation and intrigue, betrayal and guilt, and ultimately the joy of self-discovery.

Author Bio

Isabel Garland Lord (1904–88) had a stage and lecture-circuit career and produced a half-dozen books, several stage plays, and a musical. Keith Newlin is a professor and chair of the Department of English at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He is the author of Hamlin Garland: A Life (Nebraska 2008). Victoria Doyle-Jones, Lord’s second niece, enjoyed a long career in support of science education, including serving as CEO of the University of California’s White Mountain Research Station facilities. Now retired, she is involved in a variety of volunteer projects.


A Summer to Be is an intimate glimpse at Garland’s life during the twentieth century when the radical realist became a conservative arbiter of literary standards and when the roving bachelor became a loving father and a controlling patriarch. . . . In editing this work, Keith Newlin has performed a great literary service, his introduction and notes providing the context that unifies the work.”—Roark Mulligan, Studies in American Naturalism

"Keith Newlin's superb introduction and notes contextualize the memoir and make it a valuable addition to Garland scholarship."—Marcia Noe, Annals of Iowa

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Foreword by Victoria Doyle-Jones
Introduction by Keith Newlin
1. The Beginning
2. Chicago
3. West Salem
4. Fire
5. West and East
6. Onteora
7. England
8. A Singer
9. The Stage
10. Marriage
11. Home
12. A Meeting
13. Work
14. Love
15. Flight
16. An Answer
17. Christmas
18. Peace
19. The Journal
20. Autumn
21. Goodbye
22. Return
23. The Valley
24. The End of the Trail

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