Cather's Kitchens


Cather's Kitchens

Foodways in Literature and Life

Roger L. Welsch and Linda K. Welsch
Foreword by Susan J. Rosowski

178 pages


June 2002


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About the Book

Roger and Linda Welsch matched references from Willa Cather's writing with recipes they collected from Cather family recipe files, from other period cookbooks, and from old-time ethnic cooks still living in the Bohemian tradition. Cather's Kitchens comes as close as possible to the precise recipes Cather had in mind and memory as she wrote.

Author Bio

Roger L. Welsch is a television personality and is the author of nearly thirty books, including It's Not the End of the Earth, but You Can See It from Here and Touching the Fire: Buffalo Dancers, the Sky Bundle, and Other Tales, both available in Bison Books editions. Linda K. Welsch is an acclaimed Nebraska artist. Susan J. Rosowski (1942-2004) is the author of Birthing a Nation: Gender, Creativity, and the West in American Literature (Nebraska 1999).

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