The Fifteenth Mental Measurements Yearbook


The Fifteenth Mental Measurements Yearbook

Edited by Barbara S. Plake, James C. Impara, and Robert A. Spies

Buros Mental Measurements Yearbook Series

1000 pages


January 2003


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About the Book

Customers who place a standing order for the Tests in Print series or the Mental Measurements Yearbook series will receive a 10% discount on every volume. To place your standing order, please call 1-800-848-6224 (in the U.S.) or 919-966-7449 (outside the U.S.).
The most widely acclaimed reference series in education and psychology, the Mental Measurements Yearbooks are designed to assist professionals in selecting and using standardized tests. The series, initiated in 1938, provides factual information, critical reviews, and comprehensive bibliographic references on the construction, use, and validity of all tests published in English.
The objectives of the Mental Measurements Yearbooks have remained essentially the same since the publication of the series. These objectives include provision to test users of:

  • factual information on all known tests published as separates in the English-speaking countries of the world
  • candidly critical test reviews written for the MMY series by qualified professional people representing a variety of viewpoints
  • unique publication of each volume in the MMY series with new volumes supplementing rather than supplanting previous series volumes.
Each yearbook is a unique publication, supplementing rather than supplanting the previous volumes.
The Fifteenth Mental Measurements Yearbook contains original reviews of over two hundred newly published or revised tests. All instruments are currently available and published in the English language.
The Yearbook provides candid critical reviews and other information on instruments used in all areas of testing, including education, psychology, business law, health care, counseling, and management. Test descriptions include purpose, target population, scores available, administration information, price, author, and publisher. The reviews of individual tests are written by qualified professionals representing a variety of expertise. Test entries are cross-referenced and indexed by title, subject, name, acronym, and score. An index and an updated directory of publishers are also included.

Author Bio

The Buros Institute of Mental Measurements, founded in 1938 by the late Oscar Krisen Buros, is located in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Nebraska.

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