Tests in Print IX


Tests in Print IX

An Index to Tests, Test Reviews, and the Literature on Specific Tests

Edited by Nancy Anderson, Jennifer E. Schlueter, Janet F. Carlson, and Kurt F. Geisinger

Tests in Print (Buros) Series

1250 pages
1 table, 8 indexes


June 2016


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About the Book

Designed to complement the Mental Measurements Yearbooks, Tests in Print fills a pressing need for a comprehensive bibliography of commercially available English-language tests. Although these volumes are helpful in and of themselves, their maximum usefulness requires the availability and use of the Mental Measurements Yearbooks. Information on available tests and specific test bibliographies are valuable, but the greatest service of Tests in Print is to encourage test users to choose tests more wisely by consulting the Mental Measurements Yearbooks’ test reviews, test reviews from journals, and professional literature on the construction, use, and psychometric properties of tests under consideration.
               Tests in Print IX contains descriptive information on approximately three thousand testing instruments. Detailed descriptions of each test include data on test purpose, target population, scores, administration time, publication date(s), author(s), and pricing. Indexes of test titles, publishers, acronyms, and subject classifications are provided as well as notations on out-of-print tests.
               Tests in Print IX provides specific information about testing required by professionals in diverse areas such as education, psychology, counseling, management, career planning, child development, and research. It also serves as a comprehensive index to the Mental Measurements Yearbook series by directing readers to the appropriate volume for reviews of specific tests. 

Author Bio

The Buros Center for Testing, located in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, continues the work of improving the science and practice of testing that Oscar Krisen Buros (1906–78) began in the 1930s.

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