Coast Salish Totem Poles


Coast Salish Totem Poles

Media Companion to "A Totem Pole History"

Pauline Hillaire
Edited by Gregory P. Fields

Studies in the Anthropology of North American Indians Series

1 DVD and 2 audio CDs: totem pole history, songs, and stories; 177 minutes run time

Mixed media product

December 2013


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About the Book

Coast Salish Totem Poles is the media companion to A Totem Pole History and includes:
• Two CDs of Pauline Hillaire telling traditional stories associated with the totem poles and Joe Hillaire singing Lummi songs.
• A DVD in which Pauline shows viewers how to interpret the stories and history expressed in Joe’s totem poles.

Author Bio

Pauline Hillaire, Scälla–Of the Killer Whale, is a Lummi cultural historian, author, genealogist, artist, teacher, and conservator of Straits Salish knowledge and culture. Gregory P. Fields is a professor of philosophy at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. He is the author of Religious Therapeutics.

Table of Contents

List of maps and images

Nomination of Pauline Hillaire for the National Heritage  Fellowship, Vi Hilbert, Upper Skagit

A Call to Carvers, Pauline Hillaire


Scälla, of the Orca Whale: A brief biography,

Rebecca Chamberlain



    1     Carving

    2     Power of the Bear: Memories of my father, Joe Hillaire

    3     Kwul-kwul’tw, Spirit of the War Club: Renaissance Man, Religious Man



4     Straits Salish Carving

            Bill Holm

5     Joseph Raymond Hillaire: Lummi Artist-Diplomat

Barbara Brotherton

6     Coast Salish Carving: Our Work is our Identity

            Felix Solomon, Lummi/Haida

7     I Look to the Old People: Reflections on Carving and the Legacy of Joe Hillaire

Scott Kadach' aak'u  Jensen

8    A Thin Red Line: Pigments and Paint Technology of the Northwest Coast

Melonie Ancheta

9    Maintaining Integrity: Totem Poles Conservation and Restoration of the Centennial History Pole

            Andrew Todd

10   Archetypes from Cedar: Myth and Coast Salish Story Poles

            Gregory Fields

11   Artists were the First Teachers: Spiritual Significance of Coast Salish Carving

            CHiXapkaid (Michael Pavel), Skokomish


Part Three:   Totem Poles of Joe Hillaire

12   Bellingham Centennial History Pole

13   Schelangen Story Pole (Mobil/Ferndale Pole)

14   Sister Cities Seattle and Kobe, Japan Pole

15   Land in the Sky Story Pole, Seattle World’s Fair

16   Man in Transition Story Pole, Northwest Indian College

17   T’Kope Kwiskwis Lodge Entrance Pole

18   Bronson Story Pole

19   Halibut Fisherman Story Pole 1

20   Halibut Fisherman Story Pole 2

21   Double-headed Wolf Totem Pole



22   Some place-names from Lummi History

23   Canoes

24   Longhouses of Long Ago

25   A Wedding in Lummi History, plans for a play

26   How the Lummis came to their Present Abode

27   Lummi at the Treaty-making Time, a play

28   Tsats-mun-ton, a legend

29   Four Generations of Medicine Men, a legend

30   The Mink Family and the Raccoon Family, a folktale  

31     Stommish: Revival of the Water Festival

32   Signs of the Seasons





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