A Century of Coast Salish History


A Century of Coast Salish History

Media Companion to the Book "Rights Remembered"

Pauline Hillaire
Edited by Gregory P. Fields

1 DVD and 2 audio CDs: oral history, songs, and stories; 152 minutes run time

Mixed media product

May 2016


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About the Book

  • Two audio CDs of traditional Lummi songs, and songs and stories for children
  • A DVD about the past century of Coast Salish life at Lummi, featuring an oral history account by Pauline R. Hillaire

Table of Contents

CD 1 includes tracks:
Stommish (Warrior/Veteran) Song
Warrior Song, sung by Joe Hillaire
SitSiolitsa Salmon Song
All Salmon Song
White Owl Song (of Joe Hillaire)
Star Song: Young Men's Song
Reply Song: Women's Song to Men
Water Song
Salmon Ceremony Raven Song
White Butterfly Song
Red Cedar Tree Song
Raven Love Song
Farewell Song
CD 2 includes tracks:
Tall Cedar Tree
Grandmother Rock and the Little Crabs
The Education Song
Snowbird Story & Song
Deer Story & Song
Bluejay Story & Song
Bluejay Song
Tomorrow Story & Song (sung by Joe Hillaire)
Tomorrow Song in Chinook Jargon

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