Votes for Women


Votes for Women

The 19th Amendment in Nebraska

Edited by David L. Bristow

100 pages
5 color and 42 black and white photographs


August 2019


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About the Book

The year 2019 marks the centennial of Nebraska’s ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Votes for Women brings together articles published in Nebraska History magazine about the women’s suffrage movement in this state. Together they tell the story of the movement’s struggles and eventual triumph between 1855 and 1920.

Nationally known leaders such as Susan B. Anthony and Amelia Bloomer were active in Nebraska, and homegrown leaders such as Clara Bewick Colby and Doris Stevens achieved national influence. In Nebraska itself, the struggle between pro- and anti-suffrage forces (both led by women) was not only about women’s rights but also involved matters of class, religion, race, and national origin.

Votes for Women is illustrated with historic photographs and artifacts from the collections of History Nebraska.


Author Bio

David L. Bristow is the publications editor at History Nebraska, the state’s historical society. He handles the organization’s books and its quarterly journal, Nebraska History. He is the author of three books, most recently Flight to the Top of the World: The Adventures of Walter Wellman (Nebraska, 2018).

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