A History of the Jews in Christian Spain, Volume 2


A History of the Jews in Christian Spain, Volume 2

Yitzhak Baer

538 pages


January 1993


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About the Book

In the second volume of his classic exploration of the Spanish-Jewish community, Baer covers such major historical events as the Spanish Inquisition and the Expulsion of the Jews from Spain. This work examines the effect of church policy on the Jewish population in the 15th century, and the points at which Jewish culture as a whole was altered by Spain’s actions.


"The fascinating story of the relationship between Jews and Christians in Spain . . . has been woven by Professor Baer, the master historian of Spanish Jewry, into a colorful tapestry which repays close study to scholar and layman alike."—Jewish Affairs

"Dr. Baer's study is history-writing in the grand manner . . . enormously fascinating reading."—Jewish Exponent

"His scope is wide . . . a generous ration of the secular Hebrew poetry of the period."—Jewish Chronicle

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