The Kids' Catalog of Bible Treasures


The Kids' Catalog of Bible Treasures

Chaya M. Burstein

Kids' Catalog Series

142 pages


September 1999


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"A browser's delight."—Publishers Weekly

About the Book

Travel back in time to the ancient land of the Bible and prepare for an exciting tour of one of the world’s most treasured books. Learn how stories and customs from the Bible are part of our lives today, from the names that we’re given (David, Ben, Miriam, Rebecca) to the names of the places where we live (Bethel, Zion, Jericho); from the movies or plays that we watch (The Prince of Egypt) to the songs that we sing (“Go Down Moses”).

Selections include a day in the life of a kid in ancient times; archaeological digs for Bible detectives; Bible recipes, crafts, and projects; and quizzes, brainteasers, and jokes.


"A browser's delight."—Publishers Weekly

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