Sara's Journey


Sara's Journey

David L. Shapiro

224 pages


October 2005


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"[A] complicated but gripping first novel."—Kliatt

About the Book

A brave girl’s adventurous journey from Bolshevik Russia to the Zionists’ settlement in the Holy Land.

Sara, a Jewish 12-year-old in 1919 Russia, has spunk, independence, and a deep commitment to her heritage. Suddenly orphaned under mysterious circumstances, her home and shtetl destroyed, Sara begins a daring journey toward Budapest and her eventual destination, Palestine. On this amazing odyssey, Sara meets fascinating people of all sorts. Set against a backdrop of stormy historical events—pogroms, the influenza epidemic, the Bolshevik Revolution, and the struggle to create the State of Israel—this riveting young-adult novel is told with warmth, grace, and subtlety. Through the heart and mind of Sara, young readers will experience a world of connections between generations, genders, cultures, religions, and nationalities. Sara grows into a true follower of her father’s wise advice: “Be bold and brave, but not foolhardy.”


"[A] complicated but gripping first novel."—Kliatt

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