The Kids' Catalog of Animals and the Earth


The Kids' Catalog of Animals and the Earth

Chaya M. Burstein

Kids' Catalog Series

200 pages


December 2005


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About the Book

Imagine that two young friends are able to converse with our planet—a cartoon figure called “Mr/Ms Earth,” who is full of gripes about the ways humans are treating the natural environment. This big ball of energy overflows with opinions and knowledge, not to mention a great sense of humor and a taste for quality ice cream.

Burstein fills this new addition to the highly successful JPS Kids’ Catalog series with a perfect blend of environmental education, Jewish traditions, how-to’s about caring for animals and plants, crafts projects, and ways children can help fix the world. There are “Eco-Activities”—growing an avocado tree, making a winter birdfeeder, designing tee shirts with eco-slogans, and more.

With fast-paced variety, the book includes inspiring stories about modern “Eco-Heroes,” such as Jane Goodall, Chico Mendes, and Yossi Leshem, along with earth-related Bible stories and folktales.

 Whimsical illustrations, clever cartoons, and fascinating facts will help children connect what Jewish law says about animals to taking care of their own pets.

All of today’s big environmental topics are covered, too: pollution, global warming, water shortages, and bio-diversity. Each is accompanied by thoughtful, realistic tips on what children can do as individuals, with their families, and in school to address these problems.


"The engaging text and fanciful cartoons are balanced by realistic illustrations and actual photographs . . . . Recommended for children and young teens."—Awareness Magazine

"Like the other books in the JPS Kids Catalog series, this is a useful and fact-filled compendium, written in the author's sprightly style . . . This important addition to library collections of all kinds is for ages 9-14."—Jewish Book World

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