Love Your Neighbor and Yourself


Love Your Neighbor and Yourself

A Jewish Approach to Modern Personal Ethics

Elliot N. Dorff

384 pages


February 2006


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About the Book

A leading ethicist suggests ways to take the moral high road in one's personal life.

In this topically relevant book on modern ethical issues, Dorff focuses on personal ethics, Judaism's distinctive way of understanding human nature, our role in life, and what we should strive to be, both as individuals and as members of a community. Dorff addresses specific moral issues that affect our personal lives: privacy, particularly at work as it is affected by the Internet and other modern technologies; sex in and outside of marriage; family matters, such as adoption, surrogate motherhood, stepfamilies, divorce, parenting, and family violence; homosexuality; justice, mercy, and forgiveness; and charitable acts and social action.


"One of the most admirable characteristics of all of Dorff's writing is clarity and directness . . . This is a wonderful book for the beginner who wants to understand Jewish tradition concerning personal ethics."—Shofar

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