Outside the Bible, 3-volume set


Outside the Bible, 3-volume set

Ancient Jewish Writings Related to Scripture

Edited by Louis H. Feldman, James L. Kugel, and Lawrence H. Schiffman

3302 pages


December 2013


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December 2013


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The Hebrew Bible is only part of ancient Israel’s writings. Another collection of Jewish works has survived from late- and post-biblical times, a great library that bears witness to the rich spiritual life of Jews in that period. This library consists of the most varied sorts of texts: apocalyptic visions and prophecies, folktales and legends, collections of wise sayings, laws and rules of conduct, commentaries on Scripture, ancient prayers, and much, much more.

While specialists have studied individual texts or subsections of this vast library, Outside the Bible seeks for the first time to bring together all the major components into a single collection, gathering portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Septuagint, the biblical Apocrypha, and Pseudepigrapha, and the writings of Philo of Alexandria and Josephus.

The editors have brought together these diverse works in order to highlight what has often been neglected; their common Jewish background. For this reason the commentaries that accompany the texts devote special attention to references to Hebrew Scripture and to issues of halakhah (Jewish law), their allusions to motifs and themes known from later Rabbinic writings in Talmud and Midrash, their evocation of recent or distant events in Jewish history, and their references to other texts in this collection.

The work of more than seventy contributing experts in a range of fields, Outside the Bible offers new insights into the development of Judaism and Early Christianity. This three-volume set of translations, introductions, and detailed commentaries is a must-have for scholars, students, and anyone interested in this great body of ancient Jewish writings.

The collection includes a general introduction and opening essays, new and revised translations, and detailed introductions, commentaries, and notes that place each text in its historical and cultural context. A timeline of the Second Temple Period, two appendixes (Books of the Bible; Second Temple Literature), and a general subject index complete the set.

Author Bio

LOUIS H. FELDMAN (1926–2017) was Wouk Family Professor of Classics and Literature Emeritus at Yeshiva University, where he taught since 1955. Feldman’s many publications include Josephus and Modern Scholarship; Jew and Gentile in the Ancient World; and Josephus’s Interpretation of the Bible. A leading scholar of ancient Judaism and Hellenistic culture, Feldman is associate editor of Classical Weekly, managing editor of Classical World, and former editor of Hellenistic Literature for the Encyclopedia Judaica.

JAMES L. KUGEL is professor of Bible at Bar-Ilan University in Israel and the former Starr Professor of Hebrew Literature at Harvard University. Kugel specializes in the Hebrew Bible, the history of biblical exegesis, and the study of ancient Judaism. His many books include How to Read the Bible; The God of Old; and The Bible as It Was.

LAWRENCE H. SCHIFFMAN is professor of Judaic studies and vice provost of undergraduate education at Yeshiva University. Schiffman is former chair of New York University’s Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies and Ethel and Irvin A. Edelman Professor Emeritus of Hebrew and Judaic Studies. Schiffman is a leading scholar of ancient Judaism with special interest in the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls. In addition to his many publications, he is the coeditor of the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls and editor of The Dead Sea Scrolls: Fifty Years after Their Discovery.

The Contributors: Patricia Ahearne-Kroll, Gary A. Anderson, Joseph L. Angel, Kenneth Atkinson, Harold W. Attridge, David E. Aune , John M. Barclay, Bezalel Bar-Kochva, Albert I. Baumgarten, Adam H. Becker, Ellen Birnbaum , Peder Borgen, Miryam T. Brand, George J. Brooke, Silvia Castelli, Esther G. Chazon, Naomi G. Cohen, John J. Collins, Sidnie White Crawford, David A. deSilva, Devorah Dimant, Lorenzo DiTommaso, Jean Duhaime, Peter Enns, Esther Eshel, Hanan Eshel, Daniel K. Falk, Louis H. Feldman, Michael V. Fox, Steven D. Fraade, David M. Goldenberg, Andrew D. Gross, Erich S. Gruen, Betsy Halpern-Amaru , Angela Kim Harkins, David M. Hay, Matthias Henze, Karina Martin Hogan, Howard Jacobson, Sara Japhet, Alex P. Jassen, Sara Raup Johnson, James L. Kugel, Alexander Kulik, Armin Lange, Matthew J. Morgenstern, Gohar Muradyan, George W. E. Nickelsburg, Maren R. Niehoff , Bilhah Nitzan, Sarah Judith Pearce, Annette Yoshiko Reed, David T. Runia, Lawrence H. Schiffman, Eileen Schuller, Daniel R. Schwartz, Michael Segal, Paul Spilsbury , Gregory E. Sterling, Michael E. Stone, Loren Theo Stuckenbruck, Michael D. Swartz, Aram Topchyan, Pablo Torijano, Emanuel Tov, Shani Berrin Tzoref, Pieter W. van der Horst, Walter T. Wilson, Benjamin G. Wright III, Miriam Zangi, and Yevgeniy Y. Zingerman .


"Outside the Bible will replace classic earlier anthologies as the premier compendium of primary texts for scholars and teachers of the period."—Hindy Najman, Jewish Review of Books

“This publication is a gold mine. The series is beautifully printed and bound. On display are the creative geniuses of Second Temple Judaism who have excited both Jews and Christians. The insights shared in the commentaries are superb.”—James H. Charlesworth, Bible History Daily 

"Outside the Bible is probably the most am­bitious project undertaken by The Jewish Publication Society in many years."—Peter L. Rothholz, Jewish Book Council

"Biblical scholars, Second Temple period historians, and Jewish educators will find themselves consulting Outside the Bible regularly."—Igal German, Society of Biblical Literature

"The work of more than seventy contributing experts in a range of fields, Outside the Bible offers new insights into the development of Judaism and Early Christianity. This three-volume set of translations, introductions, and detailed commentaries is a must for scholars, students, and anyone interested in this great body of ancient Jewish writings."—Review of Biblical Literature

"These worthwhile volumes will open a whole new world of exegetical literature to the general public and are highly recommended."—David Zucker, Jewish Bible Quarterly

“Breathtaking in its scope and eminently satisfying in its execution, Outside the Bible will prove to be an indispensable reference for every scholar of the Hebrew Bible, Second Temple Judaism, the New Testament, and early Christianity. With introductions to and translations of the mass of noncanonical Jewish writings produced from the Exile up to the Mishnah, by an eminent group of internationally renowned scholars, here we have a resource that will meet scholarly needs for generations to come.”—Bart D. Ehrman, James A. Gray Professor, Department of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Table of Contents


To the Reader
Lists of Abbreviations
The Septuagint Emanuel Tov
The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha James Kugel
The Writings of Philo  David Runia
The Writings of Josephus Louis H. Feldman
The Dead Sea Scrolls  Lawrence H. Schiffman

The Bible Translated into Greek (the Septuagint)
Introduction to the Septuagint Selections Emanuel Tov
Genesis 11   Emanuel Tov
Deuteronomy 32  Emanuel Tov
 Joshua 20 Emanuel Tov
 Joshua 24 Emanuel Tov
Selections from Samuel-Kings Emanuel Tov
 1 Samuel 1
 1 Samuel 2
 1 Kings 2
 1 Kings 5
 1 Kings 11
Selections from Jeremiah Emanuel Tov
 Jeremiah 10
 Jeremiah 27
 Jeremiah 43
Proverbs 1 Emanuel Tov
Selections from Esther Emanuel Tov
 Esther 1
 Esther 3
 Esther 8
 Additions to Esther  Michael V. Fox
Job 34   Emanuel Tov
Daniel 4  Emanuel Tov
Additions to Daniel Matthias Henze
The Story of Susanna and the Elders
 Prayer of Azariah and the Song of the Three Jews
Bel and the Dragon
1 Esdras  Sara Japhet

Sustained Biblical Commentaries: Retellings and Pesharim
Commentary on Genesis A George J. Brooke
Ages of Creation  Andrew Gross
The Book of Giants  Loren Theo Stuckenbruck
Genesis Apocryphon Matthew J. Morgenstern and Michael Segal
Admonition Based on the Flood Alex P. Jassen
Jubilees James L. Kugel
Pseudo-Jubilees James L. Kugel
Pseudo-Philo, Book of Biblical Antiquities Howard Jacobson
Pseudo-Daniel John J. Collins
Son of God   John J. Collins
Pesher Nahum  Shani Berrin Tzoref
Pesher Habakkuk  Bilhah Nitzan

Greek Jewish Interpreters
Demetrius the Chronographer Lorenzo DiTommaso
Artapanus   Erich S. Gruen
Eupolemus  Gregory E. Sterling
Pseudo-Eupolemus  Gregory E. Sterling
Pseudo-Hecataeus  Bezalel Bar-Kochva
  Theodotus, “On the Jews” Howard Jacobson<as article reads; keep title?>
Philo the Epic Poet  Harold W. Attridge
Ezekiel the Tragedian Howard Jacobson
Pseudo-Orpheus David Aune
Pseudo-Philo, On Samson and On Jonah Aram Topchyan and Gohar Muradyan
The Biblical Interpretations of Philo
Questions and Answers on Genesis and Exodus Aram Topchyan and Gohar Muradyan  On the Creation of the World   David T. Runia
Allegorical Interpretation   Maren R. Niehoff
On the Life of Abraham   Ellen Birnbaum
On the Migration of Abraham  Peder Borgen
On the Life of Moses    Maren R. Niehoff
On the Decalogue     Sarah J.K. Pearce
On the Special Laws   Naomi G. Cohen

The Biblical Interpretations of Josephus’s Jewish Antiquities
 Preface to Jewish Antiquities  Louis H. Feldman
 Creation    Louis H. Feldman
The Flood    Louis H. Feldman
Abraham Journeys to Canaan and Egypt Louis H. Feldman
The Akedah    Louis H. Feldman
Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife  Louis H. Feldman
The Rape of Dinah   Louis H. Feldman
Moses’s Campaign against the Ethiopians Louis H. Feldman
The Sending of the Spies Louis H. Feldman
The Revolt of Korah   Louis H. Feldman
The Story of Balaam   Louis H. Feldman
The Death of Moses   Louis H. Feldman
Mosaic Constitution   David Goldenberg
The Altar across the Jordan  Silvia Castelli
The Levite and His Wife  Silvia Castelli
Deborah    Silvia Castelli
Jephthah’s Vow  Silvia Castelli
Birth of Samson   Silvia Castelli
Marriage of Ruth and Boaz  Silvia Castelli
Massacre at Nob   Silvia Castelli
God Rejects Saul   Silvia Castelli
The Witch of Endor   Silvia Castelli
The Death of Saul   Silvia Castelli
David Kills Goliath   Silvia Castelli
David and Bathsheba   Silvia Castelli
Death of Absalom   Silvia Castelli
Solomon’s Wisdom (The Case of the Two Harlots) Pablo Torijano
Phoenician Writings on Solomon’s Wisdom Pablo Torijano
Solomon’s Magical Powers Pablo Torijano
Solomon’s Prayer (at the Temple’s Dedication) Pablo Torijano
The Return from Exile  Paul Spilsbury
Esther     Paul Spilsbury

Interpretive Texts Centering on Biblical Figures
Life of Adam and Eve   Gary Anderson
1 Enoch    Miriam Brand
Apocalypse of Abraham  Alexander Kulik
Melchizedek    Joseph L. Angel
Aramaic Levi Document  Michael E. Stone and Esther Eshel
Visions of Amram   Andrew Gross
Song of Miriam   Sidnie White Crawford
Apocryphon of Joshua  Miriam Zangi and Hanan Eshel
The Vision of Samuel   Andrew Gross
Pseudo-Ezekiel   Devorah Dimant
The Apocryphon of Ezekiel  Benjamin G. Wright III
Letter of Jeremiah   Steven Fraade
1 Baruch    Steven Fraade
2 Baruch    Adam H. Becker
3 Baruch    Yivgeny Zingerman
Prayer of Nabonidus   John J. Collins
4 Ezra     Karina Martin Hogan

Testament of Abraham   Annette Yoshiko Reed
Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs James L. Kugel
Testament of Moses    Kenneth Atkinson
Testament of Kohath    Andrew Gross
Testament of Job    Harold W. Attridge

Prayers and Psalms
  Psalms of Solomon    Kenneth Atkinson
  Self-Glorification Hymn   Esther Eshel
  Daily Prayers     Daniel K. Falk
  Festival Prayers    Daniel K. Falk
Words of the Luminaries   Daniel K. Falk
  Angelic Liturgy    Michael Swartz
  Thanksgiving Hymns (Hodayot)  Angela Kim Harkins
Apocryphal Psalms    Eileen Schuller
  Non-Canonical Psalms   Eileen Schuller
Greek Synagogal Prayers   Pieter W. van der Horst
Prayer of Enoch    James Kugel
Prayer of Manasseh    Esther G. Chazon
Prayer for King Jonathan   Hanan Eshel

Wisdom Writings
  Wisdom of Solomon    Peter Enns
  Wisdom of Ben Sira    Benjamin Wright
  Pseudo-Phocylides, Sentences Pieter W. van der Horst
  4 Maccabees    David A. deSilva
  Wisdom Literature from the Qumran Library Armin Lange
   Wiles of the Wicked Woman  Armin Lange
   Words of the Maskil to All Sons of Dawn  Armin Lange
Book of Mysteries  Armin Lange
   Beatitudes Armin Lange
   Instruction-like Composition B Armin Lange
   Musar LeMevin Armin Lange

Philosophical Treatises of Philo
   On the Virtues    Walter Wilson
On the Contemplative Life   David M. Hay and David T. Runia
The Hypothetica    Gregory E. Sterling

Stories Set in Biblical and Early Post-Biblical Times
Joseph and Aseneth   Patricia Ahearne-Kroll
  Judith     Betsy Halpern-Amaru
  Tobit     George Nickelsburg
4 Baruch    Pablo Torijano
3 Maccabees    Sara Raup Johnson

Historical Writings Pertaining to Post-Biblical Times
The Letter of Aristeas   Erich S. Gruen
1 Maccabees    Lawrence H. Schiffman
2 Maccabees    Daniel R. Schwartz
Jewish War: Excursus on Jewish Groups: Albert I. Baumgarten
Against Apion    John M. Barclay

Sectarian Texts: Community, Law, and the End of Days
            Rule of the Community           Alex Jassen
            Damascus Document              Joseph L. Angel
           Temple Scroll                           Lawrence H. Schiffman
           Some Precepts of the Torah    Lawrence H. Schiffman      
           War Scroll                           Jean Duhaime
           New Jerusalem                        Joseph L. Angel
Books of the Bible: The Traditional Hebrew (Masoretic Text) and the Septuagint
List of Second Temple Literature
 Writings of Philo
 Writings of Josephus
 Primary Documents of the Dead Sea Scrolls
General Subject Index


National Jewish Book Award for Scholarship from the Jewish Book Council
Judaica Reference Award from the Association of Jewish Libraries

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