Remember for Life


Remember for Life

Holocaust Survivors' Stories of Faith and Hope

Edited by Brad Hirschfield

128 pages


April 2014


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“A worthwhile collection.”
—Marcia Weiss Posner, Jewish Book World

About the Book

Memory is about choice. We can choose to remember the past in ways that provoke pain and stir our anger, or we can remember in ways that help us create the kind of world in which we most want to live.
Nowhere is this choice more important than in connection to the Holocaust. And never has it been more important than now, because we are the first generation that will live without the presence of those who can tell us in their own words what they saw with their own eyes.

These seventy-one firsthand stories from survivors of the Holocaust teach us to choose to remember for life, for their words are not about hatred and death but about ethics, decency, and love.

Although the stories are arranged to accompany the weekly Torah readings and many of the Jewish holidays, they are just as meaningful when read on their own, in any sequence. The themes—journey, identity, resistance, community, refuge, and righteousness, to name but a few—are universal. And the lessons—about how to live more fully the life we are given—shine through.


Author Bio

Brad Hirschfield is the cofounder and editor in chief of and the author of You Don’t Have to Be Wrong for Me to Be Right: Finding Faith without Fanaticism. He is the president of CLAL–The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership and regularly listed as one of America’s “Fifty Most Influential Rabbis” by Newsweek.


“A worthwhile collection.”—Marcia Weiss Posner, Jewish Book World

Table of Contents

Bere'shit   Creativity
Noah   Survival
Lekh Lekha  Journey
Va-yera'  Hospitality
Hayyei Sarah    Laughter
Toledot    Departures
Va-yetse'    Dreams
Va-yishlah    Identity
Va-yeshev    Destiny
Mikkets    Wisdom
Va-yiggash    Reunion
Va-yehi    Legacy
Shemot   Parenting
Va-'era'   Liberators
Bo'   Redemption
Be-shallah    Triumph
Yitro    Community
Mishpatim   Justice
Terumah   Sacred Space
Tetsavveh   Service
Ki Tissa'   Hope
Va-yakhel    Refuge
Pekudei    Success
Va-yikra'   Sacrifice
Tsav    Giving
Shemini    Eating
Tazria'   Sexuality
Metsora'  Healing
'Aharei Mot   Atonement
Kedoshim   Love
'Emor  Sacred Time
Be-har   Liberation
Be-hukkotai   Obligation
Be-midbar   Home
Naso' Blessing
Be-ha'alotekha   Starting Over
Shelah Lekha  Self-Confidence
Korah    Resistance
Hukkat   Continuity
Balak   Faith
Pinhas  Restitution
Mattot   Speaking
Mase'ei   Protection
Devarim   Courage
Va-'ethannan  Teaching
'Ekev  Devotion
Re'eh   Celebration
Shofetim   Righteousness
Ki Tetse'  Memory
Ki Tavo'  Homecoming
Nitsavim  Choosing Life
Va-yelekh   Education
Ha'azinu   God
Ve-zo't Ha-berakhah   Leadership
Rosh Ha-shanah
The Ten Days of Repentance
Kol Nidre
Yom Kippur
Shemini 'Atseret
Simhat Torah
Fast of Esther
Last Days of Pesah
Yom Ha-zikaron
Yom Ha-'atsm'aut
Tisha' Be-'Av
Friday Night

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