Among the vast corporate and smaller family-sized farms and agribusinesses of Nebraska, the old pioneering spirit of entrepreneurship is rising again, this time in the form of sustainable and organic growers, cooperatives, artisans, and visionaries—those who seek to enhance the quality of life and ensure its future on the farm, in the community, and throughout the world.

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With requisite humility and a healthy dose of humor, Welsch describes his long pilgrimage through Native life, from lessons in the vagaries of “Indian time” and the difficulties of reservation life, to the joy of being allowed to participate in special ceremonies and developing a deep and lasting love of fry bread. Navigating another culture is a complicated task, and Welsch shares his mistakes and successes with engaging candor. Through his serendipitous wanderings, he finds that the more he learns about Native culture the more he learns about himself—and about a way of life whose allure offers true insight into indigenous America. 


“Nebraska has long been a sleeper state for big game, and this book backs up that claim with tons of facts and photos. If you’re a fan of outstanding Great Plains bucks and bulls, you need to read every page.”—Gordon Whittington, editor in chief of North American Whitetail

“Entertaining and informative, this collection of stories will serve as an important chapter in the larger story of big-game hunting in Nebraska.”—Eric Fowler, regional editor of Nebraskaland Magazine

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