Inside Dazzling Mountains


Inside Dazzling Mountains

Southwest Native Verbal Arts

Edited by David L. Kozak

Native Literatures of the Americas and Indigenous World Literatures Series

696 pages
6 illustrations, 3 tables


January 2013


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January 2013


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About the Book

Inside Dazzling Mountains provides fresh new translations of Native oral literatures of the Southwest, a region of vital and varied cultures and languages. The collection features songs, stories, chants, and orations from the four major language groups of the Southwest: Yuman, Nadíne (Apachean), Uto-Aztecan, and Kiowa-Tanoan. It combines translations of recordings made in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries with a rich array of newly recorded and produced materials, attesting to the continued vitality and creativity of contemporary Native languages in the Southwest.

For southwestern linguistic and cultural traditions to be more widely recognized and appreciated, retranslations of older works have been sorely needed. Original translations were often flawed and culturally biased and made use of literary conventions that were familiar to Anglo-Americans but foreign to the Native tribes themselves. Inside Dazzling Mountains corrects these flaws and celebrates the diversity of Native languages spoken in the Southwest today.

Skillfully edited and translated by David L. Kozak, who offers a wealth of editorial tools for interpreting songs, song sets, myths, stories, and chants of the Southwest, past and present, this volume contributes to the continued vitality and cultural complexity of the region.

Author Bio

David L. Kozak is a professor of anthropology at Fort Lewis College. He is the author of Devil Sickness and Devil Songs: Tohono O’odham Poetics.


"In this beautifully presented anthology of songs, poems, and short narratives from the American Southwest, even the uninitiated reader gains a deep appreciation for the rich diversity of oral literature that ha long circulated in this region."—Sean O'Neill, American Anthropologist

"[Inside Dazzling Mountains] demonstrates more culturally sensitive and subtle ways of approaching Native tales than have been the norm."—M. F. McClure, CHOICE

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations 
Editor's Introduction 

Part 1. Language Isolates
1. Leatherback Sea Turtle--Xiica Cmotómanoj 
Written by René Montaño Herrera
Translated by Stephen A. Marlett
Introduced by Stephen A. Marlett
2. Those Who Had Hast Quita as Their Birthplace 
Written by Lorenzo Herrera Casanova
Translated by Stephen A. Marlett
Introduced by Stephen A. Marlett
3. Twin Peaks--Hast Cacöla 
Written by Francisco Xavier Moreno Herrera
Translated by Stephen A. Marlett
Introduced by Stephen A. Marlett
4. Two Zuni Coyote Tales 
 Narrator(s) Unknown
 Collected by Stanley Newman
 Introduced by Lynn Nichols
Part 2. Yuman Language Family 
5. Coyote and Hen 
 Narrated by Barbara Levy
 Translated by Barbara Levy and Amy Miller
 Introduced by Amy Miller
6. Rabbit and Frog 
 Narrated by Jon Meza Cuero
 Recorded by Margaret Field
 Translated by Jon Meza Cuero, Amy Miller, and Margaret Field
 Introduced by Margaret Field
Part 3. Nadíne (Apachean) Language Family 
7. A Family Struggles: Excerpt from the Washington Matthews Version of the Navajo Mountain Chant 
 Introduced by Paul G. Zolbrod
8. John Watchman's "Ma'ii dóó Gólízhii"  
 Narrated by John Watchman
 Translated by Harry Hoijer, Blackhorse Mitchell, Edward Sapir, John Watchman, and Anthony K. Webster
 Introduced by Anthony K. Webster
Chiricahua Apache 
9. Samuel E. Kenoi's Portraits of White Men 
Narrated by Samuel E. Kenoi
Translated by Anthony K. Webster
Introduced by Anthony K. Webster
White Mountain Apache
10. Ndah Ch'ii'n 
 Narrated by Paul Ethelbah
 Commentary by Genevieve Ethelbah
 Introduced by M. Eleanor Nevins
Part 4. Uto-Aztecan Language Family 
11. How Coyote and Dog Exchanged Noses: A Chemeheuvi Tale 
 Narrated by George Laird
 Translated by Carobeth Laird and John P. Harrington
 Glossed by Angelina Serratos and Justin Goodenkauf
 Introduced by Angelina Serratos
12. Two Hopi Poems 
 Singers Unknown
 Recorded by H. R. Voth
 Introduced by David Leedom Shaul
13. The Field Mouse Story 
 Narrated by Qöyawayma
 Recorded by H. R. Voth
 Introduced by David Leedom Shaul
14. Wo'i Wakila into Taavu: Skinny Coyote and Bunny 
 Narrated by Santos Leyva
 Translated into English by Maria Florez Leyva
 Translated into Spanish by Mercedes Tubino Blanco
 Introduced by Jason D. Haugen and Heidi Harley
15. The Talking Tree: A Yoeme Beginning 
 Narrator Unknown
 Introduced by David Leedom Shaul
16. Cowgirl Jane: A Yoeme Cow and Monte Mediation 
 Narrator Unknown
 Recorded by Tom Stanford
 Introduced by David Leedom Shaul
17. Rarámuri Stories from Before: Raráumuri historias de antes 
 Narrated by Valente Argüelles, Eligio González, and María Ignacia Merino de Argüelles
 Translated by Jamie Shadid
 Recorded by Juan Pablo Garrido
 Introduced by Juan Pablo Garrido and Nicolás Olivos Santoyo
18. The Life History of a Pima-Maricopa Woman and Her Speech to Pope John Paul II 
 Narrated by Alfretta Antone
 Introduced by Sam Pack
Altar Valley Piman
19. Eighteenth-Century Jesuit and Franciscan Platicas: Lexical "Choice" and Textual Architecture 
 Translated into Altar Piman by Francisco Moyano
 Introduced by David Leedom Shaul
20. The Lord's Prayer 
 Translated into Altar Piman by Anton Maria Benz
 Back Translated by Phillip Miguel
 Introduced by Phillip Miguel
Tohono O'odham 
21. The Albino Saguaro: Contemporary Storytelling in Tohono O'odham 
 Narrated by Stella Tucker
 Translated by Phillip Miguel and Colleen M. Fitzgerald
 Introduced by Colleen M. Fitzgerald and Phillip Miguel
Part 5. Kiowa-Tanoan Language Family
22. How Thébôl Got His Name 
 Narrated by Parker P. McKenzie, Yí:sâum
 Transcribed and Translated by Gus Pàntháidê Palmer Jr.
 Introduced by Gus Pàntháidê Palmer Jr.
Picuris Pueblo
23. Picuris Traditional Tales: Stories from the Hidden Valley 
 Narrated by Rosendo Vargas (Phithəxomęnę)
 Recorded by John P. Harrington
 Translated by Amy Zaharlick
 Introduced by Amy Zaharlick
Arizona Tewa 
24. A Yaaniwe Song: Celebrating Prosperity and Identity 
 Composed by Dewey Healing
 Translated by Paul V. Kroskrity
 Introduced by Paul V. Kroskrity
25. <AP>Avayun (and Coyote) Story: A Retranslation of "Coyote's False Tail" 
 Narrated by an Unknown Tewa Elder
 Translated by Elsie Clews Parsons
 Retranslated by Paul V. Kroskrity
 Introduced by Paul V. Kroskrity
Ohkay Owingeh (formerly San Juan Pueblo) 
26. Four Springtime Tewa Songs 
 Presented, Translated, and Discussed by Peter Garcia Sr.
 Tewa Discussion by Reycita Garcia, Patricia Ortiz, Beverly Garcia, and Gordon Garcia
 Hopi Translation and Discussion by Griselda Saufkie
 Acoma Keresan Translation and Discussion by Gregg Shutiva
 Collected, Edited, and Introduced by Linda J. Goodman
Part 6. Southwest Translation, Myth, and History
27. Translating the Verbal Art of the Native American Southwest 
 William M. Clements
28. Edenism: On the Star Husband<EN>less Southwest  
 Donald Bahr
29. Yukiwmat Navoti'at: The Tradition of Yukiwma 
 Peter Whiteley



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