Transnational Spaces and Identities in the Francophone World


Transnational Spaces and Identities in the Francophone World

Edited by Hafid Gafaïti, Patricia M. E. Lorcin, and David G. Troyansky

France Overseas: Studies in Empire and Decolonization Series

488 pages
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July 2009


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About the Book

The dissolution of the French Empire and the ensuing rush of immigration have led to the formation of diasporas and immigrant cultures that have transformed French society and the immigrants themselves. Transnational Spaces and Identities in the Francophone World examines the impact of this postcolonial immigration on identity in France and in the Francophone world, which has encompassed parts of Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the Americas. Immigrants bear cultural traditions within themselves, transform “host” communities, and are, in turn, transformed. These migrations necessarily complicate ideals of national literature, culture, and history, forcing a reexamination and a rearticulation of these ideals.
Exploring a variety of texts informed by these transnational conceptions of identity and space, the contributors to this volume reveal the vitality of Francophone studies within a broad range of disciplines, periods, and settings. They remind us that the idea and reality of Francophonie is not a late twentieth-century phenomenon but something that grows out of long-term interactions between colonizer and colonized and between peoples of different nationalities, ethnicities, and religions. Truly interdisciplinary, this collection engages conceptions of identity with respect to their physical, geographic, ethnic, and imagined realities.

Author Bio

Hafid Gafaïti is Horn Professor of French and Jeanne Charnier-Qualia Professor of French and Francophone Studies at Texas Tech University. He has published more than a dozen books. Patricia M. E. Lorcin is an associate professor of history at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities, editor of French Historical Studies, and the author of Imperial Identities: Stereotyping, Prejudice and Race in Colonial Algeria. David G. Troyansky is a professor of history at Brooklyn College and at the Graduate Center, City University of New York. He is the author of Old Age in the Old Regime: Image and Experience in Eighteenth-Century France.
Contributors: Trudy Agar-Mendousse, Robert Aldrich, Elisa Camiscioli, Habiba Deming, Philip Dine, Alain Gabon, Antony Johae, Neil MacMaster, Mary McCullough, Joseph Militello, David Prochaska, Johann Sadock, Todd D. Shepard, Sarah Sussman, David G. Troyansky, Georges Van Den Abbeele, Keith Watenpaugh, Brigitte Weltman-Aron, and Ali Yedes


"The collection of essays, largely drawn from a conference held at Texas Tech in March 2002, examines how migratory movements throughout the francophone world have generated national and transnational cultures. Together, the contributors cover an impressive range of geographical spaces, chronologies (from the colonial to the postcolonial), disciplines, and genres, elucidating the multiplicity of francophone contexts where cultural confrontations have taken place." Kate Marsh, Oxford Journals: French Studies

Table of Contents

Editors' Preface


Part 1. Colonialism and Immigration

1. The French Colonial Myth of a Pan-Mediterranean Civilization          000

                Philip Dine

2. The Uncomfortable Inhabitants of French Colonial Modernity: Mandate Syria's Communities of Collaboration (1920<EN>1946)   000

                Keith David Watenpaugh

3. Race Making and Race Mixing in the Early Twentieth-Century Immigration Debate     000

                Elisa Camiscioli

Part 2. Immigrant Spaces and Identities

4. Shantytown Republics: Algerian Migrants and the Culture of Space in the Bidonvilles   000

                Neil MacMaster

5. Excluding the Harkis from Repatriate Status, Excluding Muslim Algerians from French Identity 000

                Todd Shepard

6. The Transformation of French Identity in Mathieu Kassovitz's Films Métisse (1993) and La Haine (1995)              000

                Alain Gabon

Part 3. Writing Algerian Identities

7. A Poet's Politics: Jean Sénac's Writings during the Algerian War           000

                Robert Aldrich

8. Counterviolence and the Ethics of Nomadism: Malika Mokeddem's Reconstruction of Algerian Identity 000

                Trudy Agar-Mendousse

9. Interpretation, Representation, and Belonging in the Works of Leïla Sebbar     000

                Mary McCullough

Part 4. Jewish Migrations and Identities

10. Jews from Algeria and French Jewish Identity        000

                Sarah Sussman

11. Anti-Arab and Anti-French Tendencies in Post-1948 Oriental Jewish Literature Written in French             000

                Johann Sadock

12. The Figure of the Jew in North Africa: Memmi, Derrida, Cixous        000

                Brigitte Weltman-Aron       000

Part 5. Francophone Spaces and Multiple Identities

13. Transnational Identities in the Novels of Amin Maalouf     000

                Antony Johae

14. Madwoman in the Senegalese Muslim Attic: Reading Myriam Warner-Vieyra's Juletane and Mariama Bâ's Un chant écarlate        000

                Joseph Militello

15. Gender, Exile, and Return in Viêt-Kiêu Literature  000

                Georges Van Den Abbeele

16. Vietnamese Relationships: Confucian or Francophone Model           000

                Ali Yédes

Part 6. Postmodern Sites and Identities

17. Feminism and Neocolonialism: Discursive Practices             000

                Habiba Deming

18. The Self as Other: Yasmina Bouziane     000

                David Prochaska

19. Displaying World Culture in Provincial France: Francophonie in Limoges       000

                David G. Troyansky

Contributors         000

Index     000


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