Willa Cather in Person


Willa Cather in Person

Interviews, Speeches, and Letters

Selected and edited by L. Brent Bohlke

202 pages


June 1990


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About the Book

As she grew older Willa Cather became ever more private, complaining of favor-seekers and other parasites of fame. But in her long career she granted thirty-four interviews, gave six public speeches, and published ten letters, discussing literature and the artistic life and illuminating her own life and writing. These fugitive pieces, here gathered for the first time, reveal the author's early thirst for fame and the reasons for her later renunciation of it.

Included are Cather's radio speech accepting the 1923 Pulitzer Prize for fiction (awarded for One of Ours), accounts of her other speeches, interviews conducted by Louise Bogan and Stephen Vincent Benét, and six little-known portraits of Cather.

Author Bio

L. Brent Bohlke was a professor of English and chaplain for Bard College in New York. His essays on Cather appeared in American Literature, Great Plains Quarterly, Western Literature, and other journals.


"A valuable book. Bohlke gives us access to complete texts, and his headnotes establish the context and significance of individual entries."—South Atlantic Review.

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