The Plan de San Diego


The Plan de San Diego

Tejano Rebellion, Mexican Intrigue

Charles H. Harris III and Louis R. Sadler

The Mexican Experience Series

416 pages
23 photograph, 3 maps


July 2013


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July 2013


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July 2013


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About the Book

The Plan of San Diego, a rebellion proposed in 1915 to overthrow the U.S. government in the Southwest and establish a Hispanic republic in its stead, remains one of the most tantalizing documents of the Mexican Revolution. The plan called for an insurrection of Mexicans, Mexican Americans, and African Americans in support of the Mexican Revolution and the waging of a genocidal war against Anglos. The resulting violence approached a race war and has usually been portrayed as a Hispanic struggle for liberation brutally crushed by the Texas Rangers, among others.

The Plan de San Diego: Tejano Rebellion, Mexican Intrigue, based on newly available archival documents, is a revisionist interpretation focusing on both south Texas and Mexico. Charles H. Harris III and Louis R. Sadler argue convincingly that the insurrection in Texas was made possible by support from Mexico when it suited the regime of President Venustiano Carranza, who co-opted and manipulated the plan and its supporters for his own political and diplomatic purposes in support of the Mexican Revolution.

The study examines the papers of Augustine Garza, a leading promoter of the plan, as well as recently released and hitherto unexamined archival material from the Federal Bureau of Investigation documenting the day-to-day events of the conflict.

Author Bio

Charles H. Harris III and Louis R. Sadler are both professors emeritus of history at New Mexico State University. They are authors of numerous books, including coauthorship of The Texas Rangers and the Mexican Revolution: The Bloodiest Decade, 1910–1920 and The Secret War in El Paso: Mexican Revolutionary Intrigue, 1906–1920.


"The Plan de San Diego is one of the most valuable and original additions to the literature of the Mexican Revolution to be released in recent years."—Mark E. Benbow, American Historical Review

"Harris and Sadler's efforts to re-insert Mexico, the Mexican Revolution, and diplomacy into the history of the Plan de San Diego add an important dimension to our understanding both of this incident and of the early-twentieth-century U. S. Southwest and Borderlands more broadly."—Lisa Pinley Covert, New Mexico Historical Review

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
1.  The Plan de San Diego      
2.  The Plan Surfaces       
3.  The Magonistas        
4.  The Mexican Connection      
5.  The “Bandit War” Begins      
6.  The “Bandit War” Intensifies     
7.  The “Bandit War” Peaks      
8.  The “Bandit War” Winds Down     
9.  The Plan de San Diego Collapses    
10. Intelligence Gathering      
11. The Plan de San Diego, Phase Two    
12. An Improbable Operation      
13. The Morín Affair       
14. The Bureau Investigates      
15. New Raids         
16. The War Crisis        
17. Aftermath         
18. Informants         
19. Further Investigation      
20. Later Careers        
21. A Question of Numbers      
22. Some Interesting Interpretations    

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