Italian Fascism


Italian Fascism

Its Origins and Development, Third Edition


Alexander De Grand

191 pages


May 2000


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About the Book

On October 29, 1922, when Benito Mussolini completed the March on Rome and was appointed prime minister of Italy, the Fascist regime began in triumph. It ended some twenty-two years later with the execution of Mussolini and the collapse of the German-inspired Italian Social Republic. In this third edition of Italian Fascism Alexander De Grand maintains his disagreement with recent interpretations of the movement and regime as “revolutionary” and “leftist.” While not ignoring the importance of ideology, he sees Fascism in Italy as a bourgeois response to the challenge of proletarian revolution and an approach to the problem of conservative control in an era of mass politics.

For the third edition, De Grand has substantially revised the discussion of culture and ideology, the conclusion, and the bibliography. Incorporating the most recent interpretations and research, this introduction to Italian Fascism reinterprets an important development in modern history.

Author Bio

Alexander De Grand, a professor of history at North Carolina State University, is the author of The Italian Left in the Twentieth Century: A History of the Socialist and Communist Parties.


"[De Grand] must be congratulated on performing so skillfully the difficult task of providing students (and teachers) of twentieth-century history with a concise yet rounded account of Italian Fascism."—History

"This history . . . commends itself for its clarity, compactness, and grasp of the subject."—American Historical Review

"An excellent synthesis and a balanced interpretation of the historical background and the evolution of the Italian political system under fascism."—Choice

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