On Anthologies


On Anthologies

Politics and Pedagogy

Edited and with an introduction by Jeffrey R. Di Leo

431 pages
Table, index


December 2004


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About the Book

Over the course of the past twenty-five years, anthologies have shifted from playing a relatively minor role in academic culture to a position of dominance. The essays in this collection explore the significant intellectual, economic, political, pedagogical, and creative resonance of anthologies through all levels of academic life. They show that anthologies have consequences and are grounded in commitments. Striving to articulate these consequences and commitments is a priority in higher education today.

Most of the contributors to this volume are editors of anthologies, and they draw on personal experiences to provide a rare glimpse into the economics and logic of anthology publication. Their essays illustrate the ways in which editing an anthology involves negotiation and compromise between intellectual ideal and realistic practice.

On Anthologies includes discussion of a wide range of anthologies used and produced by teachers and scholars. Though the emphasis is on literature and theory anthologies, the insights in this volume speak to professionals in all areas of academic life. Collectively, these essays establish the foundation for continuing critical analysis of anthology production and consumption in all disciplines.

Author Bio

Jeffrey R. Di Leo is an assistant professor of English and philosophy at the University of Houston–Victoria and editor of symploke. He is the editor of Affiliations: Identity in Academic Culture (Nebraska 2003) and co-editor of If Classrooms Matter: Progressive Visions of Educational Environments.

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