Delbrück's Modern Military History


Delbrück's Modern Military History

Hans Delbrück
Edited and Translated by Arden Bucholz

244 pages
2 illustrations


July 2005


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About the Book

The period 1866–1920 saw the rise and ruin of imperial Germany, and Hans Delbrück (1848–1929) reported on the events of those years from a uniquely privileged position. A professor of history at the University of Berlin, editor of the Prussian Annals—the most famous journal of political commentary of his day—and a delegate to the Paris Peace Conference, he also moved among political, cultural, and military elites. Delbrück pioneered the techniques of modern military history, studying tactics and technology as well as the social, political, and economic context of military operations. His four-volume History of the Art of War is a classic of German and military history.
This volume reveals the tension between Delbrück’s patriotism and his scholarship, which helped him to recognize German military failings. The twenty-four readings, comprising letters written to his mother while he served in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 and essays, reviews, commentaries, and speeches on military figures, historians, and events through World War I, show his talents as a historian and political commentator. Arden Bucholz’s introduction and headnotes illuminate the context of Delbrück’s life and work.

Author Bio

Arden Bucholz is State University of New York Board of Trustees and Distinguished Professor of History at SUNY Brockport and the author of Hans Delbrück and the German Military Establishment; Moltke, Schlieffen and Prussian War Planning and Moltke and the German Wars, 1864–1871.

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